Ed Helms waxes poetic about iPads on stage

On May 10, Chris Hardwick had a conversation with Ed Helms on episode 87 of The Nerdist.  In it, Ed describes an experience he recently had where it would have been a huge help for someone to be able to control his iPad while he’s on stage playing bluegrass:

I used an iPad as my setlist during the show, and what we were talking about is how cool it would be if someone, like a Stage Manager offstage, could scroll a document on the iPad on the stage. … On stage you don’t want to touch the thing. You want it to mirror, someone to remotely control it.  Sort of like a teleprompter, where somebody’s actually controlling the speed of the scrolling text.  And there are teleprompter apps for iPad, but they act on preset timings.  … I don’t care about using my iPad as a remote. I’m talking about remotely controlling my iPad.

[This part of the conversation picks up around minute 9, then comes back around minute 12.]


We heard you, Ed, and we think Idea Flight can help!  You could load a PDF of your setlist on your Stage Manager’s iPad, set him or her up as a Pilot, and set up your iPad as the Passenger.  Then, as the Stage Manager flips the page, your iPad will update simultaneously!


Check out Ed Helms’s band, Lonesome Trio!

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