Flea market (or swap meet) is a type of street market that provides space for vendors to sell previously-owned (second-hand) merchandise. If you intend to sell crafts in a flea market, it must be craft items that people will cherish and of course crafts that must have stood the test of time.

Trust me, crafts that are in high demand are usually expensive hence you should be looking forward to making huge profits from selling some of the crafts that are listed below.

33 Best Crafts to Sell at a Flea Market in 2022

  1. Armchair Shelves and Side Rests

Armchair shelves are small shelves that people can put adjacent to their favorite armchair. They are meant to hold small things of frequent use like books, coffee cups et al. Armrest trays work on almost the same principle. Wooden side rests convert the arm of any couch or armchair into resting platforms.

People love this product because they can then use the armchair as a platform to put their cup of tea, remotes, laptops, and other things. Although you do not need to create anything fancy, the quality of build and material will have to be dependable.

  1. Baby Cradles

A baby cradle is one very popular woodcraft category in baby and children furniture. A wooden baby cradle is a classic wood crafting product that is always in demand. A lot of parents will go the extra mile to get the best cradle for their babies from a flea market.

  1. Birdhouse

Another very charming and popular woodcraft is a birdhouse. It is a little strange but you can charge premium prices for birdhouses and people are ready to pay for it. You should know that outdoor wooden crafts are extremely popular at flea markets.

  1. Beer Bottle Crate

Wooden beer bottle crate with lid is a very popular craft item that can be sold in a flea market. It can be used for household storage, traveling, and also by beer sellers. You can make this item with wood and simple tools. The design is quite simple and easy to make.

  1. Business Card Holder

A customized business card holder is often considered a promotional corporate gift. Different variety of wooden business card holders can be sold in a flea market and trust me, you are going to get buyers for this craft.

  1. Blanket Chest

A blanket chest is a good craft that can be retailed in a flea market. In fact, wooden chests, in general, constitute craft items that are easy to sell in a flea market. Wooden chests look great anywhere in the house and they can be used as convenient storage for lots of things, including blankets. You can even design one to work as a center table as well as storage. A blanket chest is not necessarily an item to be only used in cold-weather places.

  1. Bag Hangers

A customized bag hanger is yet another highly sellable craft item a vendor can sell in a flea market. People prefer to use bag hangers to organize their bags. Interestingly, you can source loads of bag hangers and sell them at your local flea market.

  1. Boot or Shoe Jacks

Another craft item that sells very fast in a flea market is a boot or shoe jack. Instead of struggling with taking tight-fitting shoes or boots off, your customers can easily use these boot or shoe jacks to remove them.

  1. Chess Board Game

Customized (handmade) chess board game is yet another craft that can be sold in a flea market. A lot of people enjoy playing Chess, and Chess boards can make for very good gift items. You might find this particular market competitive but not when you are innovative with your chessboard designs such that they stand out and are very appealing.

  1. Cabinet

Cabinets are not only useful for storing things, but they can also be decorative. They are used in homes and offices. Feel free to unleash our creativity to make cabinets that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

  1. Candle Holder

A customized wooden candle holder is a useful decorative craft item that can be sold in a flea market. It is also considered a gift item. Various types of wooden candle holders are very much popular and the crafting process is also simple. Candleholders can be carved in different styles and Heights.

  1. Chopping Board

Another craft item that sells fast in a flea market is a chopping board. Chopping boards are used in the kitchen to cut things into smaller sizes. This product is a must-have for every kitchen and as such, it comes as no surprise that the product is very popular.

  1. Chopsticks and Tooth Picks

Chopsticks are essential dining items that are considered crafts and can be sold in a flea market. It comes in different sizes. This product is popular and you can make this product by having simple woodworking tools. Chopsticks were developed about 5,000 years ago in China.

  1. Children’s Wooden Toys

In times past, toys that were crafted from wood were very popular. Nowadays, they have become a novelty. In flea markets today, children’s toys that are crafted from wood command very high prices and they sell well too. They are considered safer than toys made from other materials and they usually last a very long time. In addition, wooden toys appeal to people who are environmentally conscious and averse to the use of plastics.

  1. Cake/Pastry Stands

Cake or pastry stands are also a great woodcraft item that sells fast in a flea market. People that deal in cakes and pastry are usually eager to get their hands on this craft item once they find one in a flea market.

  1. Chair Side Bookcase

Bookcases are woodcraft items that are always in high demand in flea markets. Every household needs several of them. However, you should try to spice things up so that your product can stand out from others. Make bookcases specifically to complement armchairs. They are a popular addition that very few can resist. Not to mention they are items of great utility.

  1. Picture Frames

Picture frames are very vast woodcraft items that sell fast in a flea market. Picture frames can be simple or very intricate with a lot of fine details. A little bit of ingenuity allows you to create several original designs. This is one woodworking project that can never go stale because you will never run out of ideas to make new designs and also because it is an evergreen item that will always be in demand.

  1. Small Wooden Boxes

This is a relatively simple woodcraft item that people look forward to having because there are so many things that people need small wooden boxes for. You should use high-quality wood and craft the box to be strong with good solid finishing. Your project does not need to have complicated designs.

  1. Miniature Mantle Clock

Every house needs at least a clock. Miniature mantle clocks are very classy and attractive and they sell quite fast in a flea market. You will be very surprised at a lot of things about this project. It is very economical to make, takes little time, and ends up selling like a premium high-quality woodcraft item.

  1. Wooden Spoons and Ladles

Another interesting woodcraft project that you can sell in your local flea markets is spoons and ladles of all shapes and sizes. These items are coming back in a big way. People are beginning to use more wholesome utensils in their kitchens. Wooden spoons and ladles are going to be raging popular products.

  1. Jewelry Box

Wooden jewelry box is a widely used product among ladies. Ideally, a wooden jewelry box should come with intricate and beautiful designs. This is a popular product and the business can be initiated with small capital investment, though it can fetch you great income. Jewelry boxes can retail for as much as 10 to 20 times what it costs to build them, making this a very profitable home-based manufacturing venture. This is the type of manufacturing business that will let you be very creative in design and the materials selected for the construction process.

  1. Planter Boxes

Another fast-selling craft item you should consider selling in a flea market is a planter box. Planter boxes can be designed as customized also as per the client’s required size and shape. It is normally used in windows and balconies. Sometimes wooden planter boxes are used for indoor plant decoration purposes also.

  1. Storage Box

Storage boxes with sitting arrangements are a very popular craft concept. You can make different types of storage boxes with innovative patterns. You can also make customized storage boxes as per the client’s specific requirements.

  1. Wall Art

Wooden wall art is a popular home decor item. Different types of wall art can be made for home and office use also. For small and large walls, you can create different types of wall art of different sizes.

  1. Wooden Pen

A wooden pen is considered a promotional gift item. And for that purpose, people buy wooden pens in bulk. Apart from this, it is used for official and educational purposes too. You can start a wooden pen-making business by having simple woodworking tools and with a small start-up capital investment.

  1. Wooden Tissue Boxes

The wooden tissue box is yet another fast-selling craft item in a flea market. Wooden tissue boxes are far more durable than the regular paper-made tissue boxes that people hang in their cars. A lot of car owners would patronize you if you can craft beautiful wooden tissue boxes for sale.

  1. Wind Chimes Made from Wood

Another craft item that sells very fast in flea markets is wind chimes made from wood. Wood chimes can be manufactured from a variety of materials of which wood is one of them.

  1. Wooden Trees

A lot of people use these to decorate their homes and some use them as Christmas trees during the festive season. They may come in small table-top sizes, or large standing sizes. Wooden trees are easy to sell in a flea market especially if they are still in pretty good shape.

  1. Table Coasters

Table coasters are an essential household craft item that is sold in a flea market. It’s a great idea to make table coasters out of wood. People buy lots of them and you can offer a lot of options in design, quality, material, and workmanship. Wood table coaster is high selling woodcraft that requires relatively very little effort and time to make.

  1. Customized Wooden Eyeglass Case

Eyeglass cases that are made from wood are quite popular. However, you may face a few challenges making them. Eyeglasses come in all shapes and sizes, so it is up to you to decide what shapes and sizes of wooden eyeglass case you want to make. You may decide to make 3 to 4 different sizes or you could just make one generic popular one.

30. Wooden Hanging Swing

Another craft item that sells fast in a flea market is a wooden handing swing. Homeowners put these in their terrace or garden and they command good prices.

31. Toothbrush Holders

The customized toothbrush holder is yet another fast-selling craft item in a flea market. Toothbrush holders can be used to organize the family’s toothbrushes and keep them safe from germs. Wooden toothbrush holders are more durable than the common plastic ones so this item is guaranteed to be a best seller.

  1. Piggy Banks

Another craft item that sells fast in a flea market is a piggy bank. A lot of people buy piggy banks for their children to encourage a culture of saving. You can make piggy banks with lovely designs that you can sell to students, parents, or even supply to local stores around you in wholesale quantities.

  1. Customized Knife Blocks

Attractive knife blocks command a lot of money in the flea marketplace. You may have to purchase some knives to place in the box. You can sell your knife block for between $30 and $100 depending on the quality of the wood and knives.

Tips on How to Source, Price, Display and Sell your Crafts Fast

When it comes to sourcing craft items to sell in a flea market, you have several options. But basically, you can source your craft items from;

  1. Family Members and Friends

Trust me, there are family members and friends who have craft items that they no longer use and will be excited to make money from such items. All you need to do is ask your family members and friends if they have craft items, they will be willing to donate to you or sell to you at a giveaway price.

You can build your inventory with smaller craft items from your family members and friends until you get your business going, then you can move on to the larger items.

  1. Private Sellers

There are people out there with crafts they are no longer interested in keeping and will be willing to sell them off to interested persons. You can source your craft inventory from such a source.

  1. Store Closings and Liquidating

Another good source to get craft inventory for flea market sales is from stores in and around your city that are closing down or liquidating. From this source, you can get cheaper craft items because any store that is closing or liquidating will be willing to get as much money as they can from the items in their store.

  1. Antique Pickers

Partnering with antique pickers is yet another great source of craft inventory for someone who intends to open a craft sale business in a flea market. To maximize profits from this source, you should strike a deal with the antique picker that you are going to be selling their items on a commission basis.

  1. Thrift Store and Yard Sales

You can also source your craft inventory for your flea market business from thrift stores and yard sales. Interestingly, you are likely going to get a good bargain since you are familiar with the pricing of such an item.

  1. Live Auctions

Another good place to get craft inventory for a flea market is from live auctions. All you need to do is know where the live auction will be taking place and make sure you go there with enough money. Please note that the crafts you buy here are likely going to be more expensive, hence you should only choose craft items you can sell and make profits from in a flea market.

Pricing Your Craft Items

When it comes to pricing craft items, it is important to state that there are no hard and fast rules. All you need to do is to make use you put a price tag on your craft item based on how much you purchased the item, the quality of the craft item, and of course the scarcity of the craft. The truth is that, if a craft item is scarce, it usually has a higher price value.

Ways to Display and Sell your Crafts Fast in a Flea Market

  • Design a showroom either in your home or in your storefront.
  • Buy advertising in newspapers or industry-specific publications, like woodworking or home design magazines.
  • Create a social network following.
  • Rent booth space at trade shows.
  • Send direct mail to new homeowners in your area.
  • Reward referrals.
  • Determine Traffic Flow
  • Use your Best Pieces
  • Keep out the Clutter
  • Use Varying Heights
  • Keep it Well-Stocked
  • Use Signage
  • Use Props & Lighting