If you or someone you know have unused medical equipment and supplies, and you have been considering what to do with them, have it in mind that you can donate those materials to people who need them. Your donation can help to enhance the quality of life of sick people who lack the resources to acquire the required medical equipment.

In the United States, numerous organizations are always accepting donations to send to people who need them. A good number of these programs have monthly and annual goals they strive to attain.

If you think you have unused supplies or equipment, you can just reach out to them to ask for scheduling details and then make suitable arrangements. If you have concerns about the expiration date of your donation, you can ask to know if they can still accept the donations.

Note that where the medical supplies you donate end up tends to often depend on the organization you chose to partner with. A good number of them channel their donations towards needy communities in the United States, some prefer to provide aid via international donations, while some do both.

How to Donate Unused Medical Supplies

Truth be told, your donation could genuinely mean the difference between life and death for people battling serious ailments who also do not have access to supplies and medicine. If you have or know someone who has unused medical supplies, here are the possible ways to donate them;

  1. Arrange The Medical Supplies

The first step is to assess the medical supplies you are looking to donate. You need to gather these supplies and ensure they are not expired. The medical supplies need to be in usable conditions and should not be used. Assess the equipment carefully and ensure that all parts are in good working condition, then arrange them to make pick up a lot easier.

  1. Contact The Organization

In the United States, numerous organizations accept donations. Just pick one out of the many and carry out personal research to understand how they operate and also know the sort of equipment they accept. Once you have picked the organization, reach out to them to schedule for pick up, or if you can drop off the equipment in their warehouse.

  1. Collect Your Donation Receipt

You must collect a receipt for your donation from the organization. This receipt is a written acknowledgment that a donation has been made.

Although most receipts are created for this specific purpose, howbeit, a letter, card, or email can also be considered a receipt, as long as it noted the names of the organization and the donor, the date, and the amount of the donation. These receipts offer numerous benefits for both donors and the receiving organization. It tends to come in handy when filing taxes, as certain charitable donations can help reduce income taxes.

  1. Follow Up

It is important to follow up to ensure that your donations are put to good use. If you have a passion or interest in a specific country or region, you can ask to be updated and kept informed. Note that this follow-up will give you a sense of satisfaction that your donations will be put to good use.

Where Can You Donate Unused Medical Supplies

If you have or know someone looking to donate medical supplies, you have numerous options to consider. They include;

  1. Global Links

This is a well-known medical aid organization that accepts donations from medical suppliers, health care workers, and individuals from the community. They mainly accept unused medical supplies, surgical instruments, hospital equipment, walking and injury aids in usable condition, and biomedical equipment.

  1. International Medical Equipment Collaborative (IMEC)

A solid NGO that provides donated medical equipment, supplies, and support services to doctors, nurses, and technologists working in hospitals, clinics, and orphanages in underserved locations around the world.

  1. MedShare

A top non-profit organization, they receive and provide unused medical equipment to communities in underserved locations. To donate, you have to fill out the donation form on their website and also provide your contact information coupled with a description of the donation.

  1. InterVol, Recycling of Unused Medical Supplies (RUMS)

They are known to receive or pick up medical supplies and equipment that would otherwise be destroyed or disposed of in landfills. They refurbish this equipment and redistribute it to overseas hospitals and medical clinics that lack access to these badly needed resources.

  1. MedWish International

This organization accepts health-related products as donations including unused medical supplies and equipment. Your donations won’t be accepted if they are expired or are pharmaceutical products. Medical supplies and equipment that are accepted include ace wraps, burn dressings, crutches, cardiac monitors, exam tables, Hoyer lifts, and walkers. Check the website for a complete of items being accepted. If you want to donate supplies, call 216-692-1685.

  1. LIFE for Relief and Development

Their main objective is to assist people across the globe by making available humanitarian services like health care and education, aiding casualties of social and economic turmoil, victims of hunger, natural disasters, war, and other catastrophes.

  1. Help The Children

Help The Children’s mission is to provide medical services and supplies to impoverished people around the world. Have it in mind that they take donations of medications like acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and antibiotic ointment, coupled with unopened packages of most over-the-counter medications. To donate medication or other supplies, call 323- 980-9870.

  1. International Aid Mission Resource Center

They focus on supplying missionaries around the world with clothing, food, over-the-counter medications, surgical items, and personal care products.

9. Alliance for Smiles

A top option to consider, this organization accepts donations of unused medical supplies and equipment and distributes them to people who really need them. You can visit their website to get a view of the supplies they accept as their needs are always changing. Supplies can be surgical, dental, pediatric, as well as bio-medical in nature. All supplies that are donated are expected to be within the expiration date and unused.

  1. Central American Medical Outreach (CAMO)

This is another option to consider when looking for where to donate your unused supplies. They are renowned for providing medical equipment, community service, supplies, and training to the impoverished regions of Central America.

  1. American Medical Resource Foundation

In addition to accepting medical supplies donations, note that they distribute the medical equipment and supplies to charitable hospitals and medical clinics. Coupled with unused medical supplies, they also accept used items that are either functioning or able to be repaired. The Foundation can arrange for the pickup of your items if needed.

  1. MAP International

They are renowned for always providing clinics and hospitals in developing countries with very vital supplies and equipment. The MAP Travel Pack Program also provides a wide range of critically needed medicines and medical supplies ideal for short-term teams, doctors, nurses, and/or church mission groups.

  1. Project C.U.R.E.

Note that they accept medical supplies and equipment and then redistribute them to developing countries. They are renowned for providing a specially prepared box that contains a wide range of medical supplies, medications, and instruments, designed to be hand-carried by a short-term medical team for international use. They strive to provide the most common medical and surgical items required by a short-term medical team.

  1. Direct Relief International

Their primary objective is to strengthen the in-country health efforts of their partners by providing the much-needed material resources, medicines, supplies, and equipment.

  1. Other Local Organizations

Aside from these organizations noted above, there are other places you can donate unused medical supplies. They include;

  • Local clinics or hospitals in your area
  • Places of worship
  • Homeless shelters and safe houses
  • Your local fire and police department


Donating medical supplies can genuinely help patients and healthcare workers, especially in underserved areas. If you have access to unused and usable supplies, simply pick one of the organizations outlined above and partner with them, then watch your donation save lives and improve the quality of life of those living in underprivileged situations.

Ensure to request a receipt from the organization you are donating to, as the market value of those supplies donated can be added to your income tax return.

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