Fashion Business Ideas

When it comes to setting up your own business, there are a huge number of routes that you can choose to go down. The fashion industry is one of the fastest growing areas, with a range of specific avenues to choose from. If you are interested in the changing trends, making things, or finding a unique side hustle, then a fashion business could be for you.

From selling your own creations, and providing style advice, to starting your own stores, here are some of the best fashion business ideas to inspire you. Consider the following options when you want to offer something unique to potential customers and clientele. Make sure you are advertising your services in the right way so that you can reach your target market.

Best Fashion Business ideas

1. Start a Shoe Line

Start a Shoe Line

Firstly, you could start your own shoe line. If you are passionate about footwear and offering something unique to the market, then a shoe line could be a great way to go. Your business could focus on offering customers comfortable shoes that are suitable for different shaped feet, supportive footwear for certain sports, or making use of waste materials.

Consider who your target market would be, and decide the type of shoes that you can offer. Alternatively, you could work with craftspeople who have experience in making shoes, and set up a business that promotes these products. From high quality sandals to formal footwear, the possibilities are endless.

You could even set up a business that specializes in baby and children’s shoes. Another approach would be to restore second-hand or broken shoes and resell them. This is a great way to reduce waste products within the fashion industry, and give footwear a new lease of life.

2. Fashion Truck

Fashion Truck

If you want to offer something unique across multiple locations, then you could set up a fashion truck. These are mobile stores or boutiques, that customers can visit in the area that you are set up. This involves a little more preparation, but it’s a great alternative to a regular clothing store. The great thing about fashion trucks is that you can base your business wherever you like.

As a result, you can stay in one place for as much or as little time as you want to. Because fashion trucks are mobile stores, you will have more flexibility when it comes to traveling to places where there is more business and demand for your products or services.

3. Create Unique T-Shirts

Create Unique T-Shirts

Alternatively, you can experiment with graphic design and print them onto T-shirts. There are a range of possibilities when it comes to creating unique T-shirts, and you can start a business that offers different designs. Consider tie-dye with dye or bleach, pop culture quotes, printed patterns, your custom illustrations, and more.

Creating your own T-shirts to sell can be a rewarding business idea that is relatively simple to do. This means that you have more options to how you want to sell your products, because most stores and boutiques will stock T-shirts. You could even print T-shirts on demand based on customer preferences.

Consider offering customers different choices in terms of the fit, size, and base color for these T-shirts. Having a larger selection of options is bound to be a hit. Oversized tees are widely considered to be essential in any closet. Providing a spin on the classic concept could become highly popular in the long run.

4. Become a Personal Stylist

Become a Personal Stylist

Another business option within the fashion industry is becoming a personal stylist. There is always a demand for these, and it could be a great opportunity to utilize your personal style and knowledge of certain color palettes. Remember that everybody has a different body shape and set of colors that world best for their complexion.

Because of this, no two days as a personal stylist are the same. You can easily become a personal stylist with a little experience, and begin working towards creating a brand for yourself. Personal stylists and fashion consultants work in department stores, runways, and during photoshoots.

These are all great ways of expanding your clientele and building your brand. Make sure you are advertising your services in the right way, so that potential customers can look at your profile and decide whether you would be a good fit for a particular role.

5. Start Your Own Clothing Line

Start Your Own Clothing Line

Whether you have experience making your own clothes or not, you can start your own clothing line. Consider the different kinds of items that you can sell and create. These include activewear, children’s clothing, lingerie, repurposed items, or gender-neutral clothing.

You can start your own clothing line based on gaps in the market that you have experienced, and begin offering customers a solution. Some clothing lines work directly with manufacturers and fabric creators, while others create their own custom items.

Make sure that you find something that works for you, and that you can envision growing over time. There is little point setting up a fashion business that cannot change with trends.

6. Start Your Own Fashion Blog

Start Your Own Fashion Blog

If you prefer to promote other businesses and write about your experiences at certain events, then you could become a fashion blogger. Anybody can start their own blog, and it can be a great way to increase your following and share your views with the world.

Like other business ideas, fashion blogs can be made in a range of different ways. For example, you could focus on footwear reviews, finding ethical solutions within the industry, or reviewing other services. The key to starting a fashion blog is consistency, and making sure that you are reaching out to necessary people and brands in order to collaborate on something in the future and keep increasing your online presence.

Of course, there are an enormous amount of fashion blogs in existence. As a result, you will need to be patient and find a way of making your platform stand out amongst competitors. The great thing about starting your own fashion blog is that you can write your entries whenever you want to. This means that it can easily fit into your main day job, and function as a great side hustle.

7. Organize Fashion Events

Organize Fashion Events

Another way of getting yourself known within the fashion industry is to begin organizing events. These could be pop-up sales, stands at local flea markets, clothing swaps, or photoshoots for brands. When you are working as an event organizer, it’s important to think about the little things.

This includes feeding the crew, scheduling coffee runs, or playing funky music to get everybody ready. Adding your personality to events like this will make you stand out, and encourage businesses to use your services more frequently. A happy crew is the key to building your brand in this way.

Other fashion events that you could organize and offer to clients include stage runway shows and trades shows that help bring a designers’ vision to life. Consider collaborating with local photographers and figuring out the most reasonable rates for your service.

8. Lingerie Line

Lingerie Line

Additionally, you could start your own lingerie line as your fashion business. This is a great option if you are passionate about the history of lingerie, and want to make your customers feel confident and powerful within their own skin.

Some brands offer plus-sized inclusive lingerie, whereas others provide gender-neutral solutions and designs that are suitable for all genders. You could work with local embroidery companies to develop an inclusive design, and consider the types of fabrics and coverage options to provide.

Some people begin making their own lingerie by hand, while others prefer to make their lingerie in bulk and selling their products online. Similarly, you could sell lingerie at local boutiques or pop-up sales. Consider the type of customer base you are looking for, and figure out exactly how you can reach out to them.

You could provide a unique fitting experience for your customers, offering a range of bras with different levels of support and coverage. Similarly, it could be worth exploring the options for swimwear and shape wear.

9. Shoe Store

Shoe Store

Another fashion business idea is to set up your own shoe store that stands out among competitors. This could be by offering repair services, detailed shoe fittings, or heavy-duty, weatherproof footwear. Make sure your store expresses your own preferences and that the service provided is completely unique.

Consider the type of shoes that you want to sell, the size range, and your target market. For example, setting up a shoe store in a high street may not be as effective as setting up an online store. Consider how you want to reach out to potential customers, and plan your shoe store in this way.

When it comes to setting up any kind of store, one of the most important things to consider is the location. Make sure you are carefully researching the best place to sell your shoes and offer repairs so that your store is more likely to generate business. This could be along the high street or within a busy retail area.

10. Bridal Shop

Bridal Shop

The wedding industry is one of the most significant businesses in all the fashion industry. The hair, bridesmaids’ dresses, the gown, veil, and more, are all essential parts of the big day. You could organize gown rentals and suit hire, or discounted prices for brides who are purchasing their bridesmaids dresses in addition to their gown at the same time.

As a result, you could set up a bridal shop that provides everything that customers may need for their wedding. Again, adding the little touches to the customer experience can make a big difference and make your business stand out.

Consider offering the services of local wedding planners, caterers, venues, and more so that you can remove some stress involved in preparing for a wedding. Setting up a bridal shop can be highly rewarding, and it can be fun to interact with brides-to-be from all walks of life.

Whether you want to provide a complete package deal or offer handmade jewelry that complements the chosen gowns, it is up to you to make every wedding party feel special and ready for their ceremony. Some people also like to change into something that they can move more freely in for the evening celebrations, so it is worth supplying a complete range of bridal gowns and formal jumpsuits.

11. Jewelry Store

Jewelry Store

You could also start your own jewelry store. There are a range of unique features that you can offer your customers, including handmade rings and dainty earrings. Some companies have also began offering a permanent bracelet and other jewelry.

You could provide a similar service, or choose something a little different. This could be second-hand jewelry that has been carefully polished and repaired, complete with a little story about the piece, or multifunctional items that can be worn in several ways.

Whichever route you choose to go down, make sure your jewelry store expresses your personality. You should also plan your business to suit your personal ethos, and ensure that you stand out from the rest of the jewelry stores nearby.

Setting up stands at flea markets can be a great way to start selling your goods, and it could be fun to meet potential customers. Another way of standing out is by offering piercing sessions by a professional in your store. Make sure everything is done in sanitary conditions, and that you are showing customers how to care for their new piercings.

This could be in a small beginner’s pack, or with an advice sheet with detail about the specific jewelry that can be used in that piercing once it has healed. As long as you provide high quality items that last with regular wear and tear, like handwashing and even swimming in a pool, then your jewelry store is bound to be a success in the future.

12. Purse Business

For another fashion business, you could set up your own purse business. This could involve restoring vintage purses that customers bring to you, making new purses from scratch, or designing unique purses in different shapes and sizes.

Make sure you are offering your customers something that you would use, and that your products are practical. For example, many companies have begun to design purses large enough to fit a laptop inside without looking too bulky.

Setting up your purse business can be done online at first. This can allow you to reach international customers and to interact with like-minded people who have useful suggestions and ideas. As your business grows over time, you can expand your team and consider using a physical store as your main form of business.

13. Perfume Line

Perfume Line

Perfume is another way of building a fashion business that stands out from competitors on the market. This is because you can arrange sample sessions or group discounts for customers to create their own combination of scents. Alternatively, you could start a perfume line that has candles in similar scents as a package.

Make sure you find unique bottles and containers for your perfume, that helps you stand out. Alternatively, you could add your perfume to a lotion for a lasting scent. Consider the different methods of making your business stand out, and make sure that you are implementing these changes.

You could even use vintage perfume containers from antique stores, or encourage customers to bring in their finished container to get it refilled for a reduced price. Make sure your perfume and scent range lasts a long time, as some cheaper scents have been known to wear off throughout the day.

14. Sunglasses Business

Sunglasses Business

Eyewear in general is highly popular, regardless of current trends. As a result, there will always be a demand for sunglasses within the fashion industry. This means that setting up your own sunglasses brand can future-proof your business in the long run.

Consider stocking a large selection of frame styles and sizes. Many popular sunglasses brands are only available in one size, and it could be worth providing the same style in multiple size options for petite and larger head sizes. The great thing about creating a sunglasses business is that you don’t have to be an eye doctor.

As long as you are passionate about providing high quality sunglasses with great UV shielding, then you are fully qualified to set up your own sunglasses business. Some individuals have gone as far as to start their own business that provides designer sunglasses to customers.

Thanks to high-tech software, you can offer customers a completely unique experience with the ability to design their own custom sunglasses. Of course, it will cost money to install this into a store. Because of this, it isn’t always the most suitable option for businesses that are just starting out.

Alternatively, you could offer customers a discount if they bring in their old pairs of sunglasses for recycling. You could even collaborate with a local eye doctor to provide discounted sunglasses, or install prescription lenses into your frames.

15. Sewing Business

Sewing Business

For another fashion business idea, you could set up your own sewing business. This could involve making adjustments to clothing items, making your own clothing from scratch, or customizing certain pieces.

You could provide workshops on basic sewing skills, put people in contact with sewing machine retailers, and connect with fabric wholesalers. Another way of creating a sewing business is to sell sewing supplies with a brief instruction guide on how they can be used correctly, or set up a blog.

Unlike other fashion businesses, there are minimal expenses that are needed to start a sewing business. This is because it can be done from home at the start, which is a great way of saving money on storefront rentals and more.

You could offer your customers cheaper rates for sessions in your home, or provide a custom experience for making gowns or tailored suits. Consider your rates, and make sure you compare with similar businesses to your competitors. This can allow you to offer reasonable prices at all times.

A simple online site can be all that you need to get started with your sewing business. Alternatively, you could use the old-fashioned method and handout flyers locally. Similarly, you can create an advertisement in the local newspaper offering adjustments and alterations.

16. Jewelry Designer

Jewelry Designer

If you have en eye for detail, then you could become a jewelry designer. Unlike a jewelry retailer, you can focus on telling customers and clients which colors and shades complement their skin tone and clothing choices.

Similar to a personal stylist, a jewelry designer helps create a customized look for each person and occasion. Custom pieces that are one-of-a-kind are becoming more popular, which is why a jewelry designer could be a highly successful fashion business.

From unique stones and crystals, to organically grown pearls and minerals, you can provide your customers with an interesting experience that involves them from the very beginning. Showing them your basic designs and first ideas can make them feel excited and like they are getting a behind the scenes look into their custom piece.

You could even host informational sessions with local groups on how to create your own jewelry and involve customers as much as possible. Show them that involving clients and customers makes them associate sentimental meaning to certain pieces of jewelry, which encourages them to return to your business in the future.

Jewelry designers are also great for putting together ideas and creating one of a kind jewelry. This includes engagement rings, custom necklaces, and engraved pieces. You could even offer a discounted price to customers who get their own pieces engraved.

Show people the type of impact that jewelry can have on an overall look, and the way that it brings someone’s style together. This can be done with informational talks, posting online with social media, or by setting up your own store.

17. Modeling Agency

Modeling Agency

Another way to start your own fashion business is by creating a modeling agency. More and more brands are looking to include regular bodies in their campaign. This means that there is an increased demand for inclusive models and individuals with slightly different features.

You could set up a modeling agency by taking headshots of people and getting in contact with clothing brands, runway companies, and anything that needs models nearby. Make sure you are keeping in touch with the right people who are looking for local models to represent their clothing, accessories, or perfume.

Setting up your own modeling agency could be great if you work well with people, and if you have experience co-ordinating multiple events or services at the same time. It can be a great way to build your contacts, and get yourself recognized within the fashion industry.

You can also maximize your clients’ success rates by providing training on how to be a model during certain scenarios before sending them out. Coach them on certain poses and how they can do their hair and makeup in a few different ways that complement their features.

Make sure you are also getting professional headshots taken for models, and showing them how they can build their portfolio. Consider asking previous clients what type of qualities stood out to them, and speak with other models in the industry for their advice.

18. Starting a Boutique Store

Starting a Boutique Store

If you like finding unique, high-end pieces of clothing, then you could start your own boutique store online or from a physical store. Offering style options to customers can actually be highly profitable. Even though there is a significant amount of upfront costs associated with boutique stores, they will eventually pay for themselves. This is because customers love the authentic atmosphere that is offered by small unique stores such as boutiques.

Many also enjoy the one-of-a-kind feel that these stores offer, so it could be worth reaching out to vintage clothing stores or sewing businesses nearby for unique pieces of clothing for your boutique. The atmosphere is everything, and it is important to make your customers feel comfortable.

Boutiques are highly luxurious places to shop for clothing, which is why they are a favorite for many. Making customers feel valued and cared for allows you to generate a higher income on average. Remember that you will need to recruit a team of reliable staff that can help provide this experience on a regular basis.

19. Starting an Online Clothing Store

Starting an Online Clothing Store

Additionally, you can start your own fashion business by setting up an online clothing store. These are relatively inexpensive methods of selling clothing and accessories, which makes them ideal for people who are on a budget.

Consider setting up your own online store to sell your handmade clothing, jewelry, or items that you have repaired. There is a growing demand for secondhand clothing, which is why it is ideal to sell clothing that has been restored or previously loved in some way. It is also worth thinking about the kind of customers you want to reach.

For example, overseas customers will need additional shipping fees. Careful consideration needs to be done in terms of your online business, and how you can stand out from the competition. There are currently thousands of online clothing stores to compete with, so you will need to make your brand stand out as much as possible.

20. Embroidery Business

Embroidery Business

Finally, there is a growing interest for embroidery and customizing clothing in some way. If you have experience creating patterns onto clothes with a needle and thread, then you could start your own embroidery business. This can allow you to add sentimental value to your customers’ clothing, and create something that is completely unique.

There are several ways to stand out as an embroidery business. You could set up a stand at a local festival to embroider clothing for a reduced price, create an online store for customers to send you items and design ideas, or add your own patterns onto second hand items and sell them in a store.

Add tiny flowers to the pockets of jeans, write words with intricate stitching, and go wild with your embroidery skills. You could even add initials and create small pins or stickers with your most popular designs on them for customers to have more flexibility. Alternatively, you could make iron-on patches for clothing. These offer a great option for backpacks, towels, and other accessories.



When it comes to setting up your own business, the fashion industry is one of the fastest moving markets out there. Trends are constantly changing, and there are a range of items that will be in high demand at any given time. It can be exciting to explore these trends and the current style choices, to see how your personal style and taste matches up to this.

If this is something that you are passionate about, then you could start your own fashion blog. Consider working with local clothing designers for their input and research the different ways of making money from this.

Setting up your own side hustle can be challenging and somewhat expensive at first, but the rewards are unmatched in the long run. Because of this, you could set up your own boutique store, bridal store, jewelry or perfume store. These should accompany an online site that is easy to use and highly comprehensive about your brand’s concept and ambitions.

Make sure you are carefully researching the pros and cons of each potential business idea before making your decision. Likewise, it is important to think about the areas within the fashion industry that interest you. This could be organizing events from start to finish, working with models, or as a personal stylist.

As long as you are finding an area where you can share your ideas and knowledge with the world, then a fashion business can be highly rewarding. Showing other people how to explore their personal style and the color palettes that work well against their skin tone is an excellent way to give something back to the local community and industry as a whole.