Yes, both private and government establishments make available grants for group homes in the United States. Group homes are well-organized residential facilities established in typical residential neighborhoods and often exhibit the typical features of a household. But, instead of traditional families, they cater to a group of unrelated individuals who all get support services while staying at the home.

Different kinds of people can reside at group homes, including those that are physically, chronically, or mentally disabled; or in drug or alcohol rehabilitation programs. Regardless of the group a home caters to, finding grants to adequately manage the home can be quite challenging.

When seeking grants or government funding for a group home, it is imperative you research organizations within your community, county, or state that provide financial assistance for group homes. Learn what you can about the organization by going to its website or visiting the facility in person.

Grants can be broadly categorized as those awarded by the federal government and those awarded by non-federal entities. Determining whether you are eligible to apply for and receive any of this funding is very important. If you are not legally eligible for a specific funding opportunity, you mustn’t waste a lot of time and money completing the application process.

You should understand that many of the top-level government agencies directly do not give out grants to recipients. Instead, they give out the funds to state and local agencies and charities, who then create an eligibility and application process to offer the grants to qualified recipients.

Top Grants and Government Funding for Group Homes in 2023

Have it in mind that the application process of grants changes often. Nonetheless, here are some grants and government funding that can help you start a group home.

1. ACDS Grant

Arundel Community Development Services, Inc. is a well-known nonprofit organization that is focused on creating affordable housing opportunities and bettering the lives of low-income individuals through community development.

This grant provider offers assistance to group home providers who are eager to develop affordable group home units serving persons with special needs, including persons with developmental disabilities, mental illness, and the chronically homeless.

Application Process

Applicants are expected to contact ACDS Executive Director or planning staff at or call 410-222-3956 to schedule a meeting to discuss the proposed project. However, before the meeting, the applicant will also be expected to submit to ACDS a full detail of the project along with the resources needed from ACDS.

  1. Children’s Welfare League of America Grants

The Children’s Welfare League of America is known to make available a good number of grant opportunities for group home administrators. These grant programs can be used for facility repairs and supply acquisition. The Children’s Welfare League of America is funded by the federal government as well as by private and public donations.

Application Process

American Legion Child Welfare Foundation (CWF) grant applications are done online at To be considered for a CWF grant, applications are expected to be received at American Legion National Headquarters no later than July of each application year.

  1. National Institute of Mental Health Grant

The National Institute of Mental Health is a vital element of the United States Department of Health and Human Services. This department offers small business grants and institutional training grants that can be provided to group homes.

Also note that small business grant awards can be utilized for start-up and administration costs, while institutional training grants can be used to educate social workers and administrators working in group home environments.

Application Process

For any application, contact program staff for the most current information on submission. However, most competing “single-project” (e.g., R01, R03) and “multi-project” (e.g., P50, P01) grant programs at NIH now require electronic application submission or SF 424 (R&R).

You are expected to submit your applications via and track your applications as they move from to the eRA Commons, NIH’s system for grants administration, to complete the submission process.

  1. Transitional Living/Maternity Group Homes for Runaway and Homeless Youth Grants

The United States Administration for Children and Families handles the Transitional Living/Maternity Group Homes for Runaway and Homeless Youth Grant Program. This grant program is well-tailored to offer states, local governments, Native American tribal organizations, and non-profit organizations additional funding to start and manage group homes in their jurisdiction. Grants can be awarded up to $200,000 and can be utilized for a vast range of purposes depending on the needs of the applicant.

Application Process

Since this is a federal grant, no paper format applications are required. Applicants will be expected to apply online via

  1. National Institute on Aging (NIA) Grants

The National Institute on Aging (NIA) is known to offer various categories of grants to group homes to research various aspects of aging and care for the adults at these homes. According to the NIA, this type of research will involve “mechanisms of aging, the processes of aging, aging and the nervous system, aging in relation to health and disease.”

One peculiar aspect of this grant is that it is targeted at homes that are fitted with research facilities such as a hospital, clinic, university, or similar organization. These grants come in varying awards, depending on the type of care required for the level of elderly care being conducted.

Application Process

Group homes seeking this grant can start the process by visiting NIA at:

  1. Developing Center Grants

According to reports, this federal grant is aimed at group homes that are focused on helping adults with mental disabilities. A Developing Center Grant can be given out in various amounts, depending on the level of research going on at the facility, and can be used to help the group home in catering for the adults at the home. The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) also sponsors and awards this grant yearly.

Application Process

Since this is a federal grant, no paper applications are required. Applicants will have to apply online at

  1. Treatment and Prevention Services for Drug and Alcohol Abuse Grants

Both the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) offer numerous forms of grants to assist group homes with adults recovering from drug and alcohol abuse.

Have it in mind that these grants range in funding for two years maximum, depending on the level of care required in the group home. Also note that these grants are awarded yearly, and can be shared in different amounts each year, but for no more than two consecutive years.

Application Process

Have it in mind that this is a federal grant and no paper format applications are accepted. Applicants will have to apply online through or contact the NIDA or NIAAA directly with questions.

  1. Maternity Group Homes for Pregnant and Parenting Youth Program (MGH)

MGH, fully sponsored by the FYSB within the ACF, offers extensive support for homeless pregnant and/or parenting youths between the ages of 16 and 22, as well as their dependent children. Note that this grant program provides similar services to TLP, as well as services that incorporate positive youth development and teach parenting skills, child development, family budgeting, and health and nutrition.

Application Process

This is also a federal grant and no paper format applications are accepted. Applicants just have to apply online via

  1. Community Facilities Grant Program

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is known to be behind the Community Facilities Grant Program. This grant can be used to finance the construction, renovation, and expansion of facilities used to house, rehabilitate and treat individuals with substance abuse problems.

It can also be used to cover equipment purchases necessary for facility operations. The program awards grants to towns, districts, and counties with fewer than 20,000 residents. Have it in mind that priority funding is given to areas with the lowest population and income levels.

Application Process

This will surely vary from one location to another, and interested candidates are advised to contact their local USDA Rural Development offices for information on applying for these programs.

  1. Shelter Plus Care Grant

In the United States, the Shelter Plus Care program is fully sponsored by the Department of Health and Human Services and is awarded to state and local government agencies as well as public housing authorities to make available rental assistance and supportive services to homeless substance abusers and individuals with disabilities.

Application Process

Since this is a federal grant, no paper format applications will be needed. Applicants will only have to apply online at


Just like it was noted above, finding grants and government funding tailored specifically for group homes can be quite challenging. Since competition for grants can be very ferocious, a good number of organizations seek the expertise of professional grant writers and consultants to assist with the process. These professionals can also help you find grants that your group home qualifies for, and even help complete the application process.