Hospitality Business ideas

When it comes to encouraging large groups to explore a certain area, hospitality is key. This incorporates tourist activities, guest accommodation, entertainment, and restaurants. Hospitality is all about creating a warm welcome to guests and encouraging them to feel comfortable in a new environment. It can allow a smaller city to boost tourism and put them back on the map.

Because of the range of different areas in which hospitality can be split into, there are a range of unique business opportunities. From setting up your own brand that promotes local tourism, to working with food vendors, there are a range of possible avenues that you can go down.

If you have been wondering how you can create a business that integrates hospitality services, then this is a guide to the twenty best hospitality business ideas. From amusement parks to wine tasting tours, make sure you are setting up something that is appropriate for your town.

Best Hospitality Business ideas

1. Water Park

Firstly, water parks are highly entertaining places where families and large groups of people can enjoy quality time together. You could set up your own water park with a range of business plans, depending on the budget. If you want to set this tourist attraction up in a less predictable climate, then you could plan a water park that is indoors.

These are ideal for providing shelter from the rain and wind, and creating a tropical atmosphere. For those that have smaller budgets, then you could plan a particular service that can be provided in a local water park. This could include vending machines, selling towels, refreshing drinks, shower rental, and more.

Likewise, you could set up a water park business that has camping grounds nearby. This can encourage people to spend more time at the attractions without having to travel a significant distance. Consider setting up a water park business if you have the available space or land to do so, or an appropriately sized warehouse or building which would be suitable.

2. Trampoline Park

Another great business idea that can boost tourism in your area is to create your own trampoline park. Kids and adults will love the excitement that comes from bouncing on a trampoline. Most trampoline parks are large buildings or warehouses that have different sized trampolines close together.

They typically have obstacle courses, platforms to jump onto, and foam pits for people to jump into. You could set up your own trampoline park if you are looking for a challenge. Alternatively, there are several avenues that you can go down to setting up your hospitality business.

These include creating a new scheduling system for the venue, opening a coffee shop in the building for parents to wait for their children, vending machines, or even manufacturing the socks that are used in a trampoline park.

3. Summer Camp

Similarly, you can set up a summer camp to provide a unique experience to children. The summer camp industry is currently thriving, and you could add to this by creating a camp based off of your personal values. For example, you can teach children how to survive in the wilderness, the importance of preserving nature, and how to give back to local communities.

Of course, a big part of summer camps is singing songs together and organizing activities. There is a significant amount of organization and dealing with fees that will need to be done, but it isn’t impossible to set up your own summer camp.

Determination and hard work will certainly pay off, and children will want to spend their summer vacations at your summer camp once it has been set up. Remember that there is a significant amount of competition with summer camps, so you will need to focus on making your business stand out to parents and young adults.

4. Spa Business

If you would rather promote a calming atmosphere for adults, then you could set up your own spa business. It can take a little while to get everything in order and figure out what type of customers you would like to bring in, but a spa business can be an excellent way to promote wellness and tranquility.

So many of us need to take a step back from busy daily life, and you could provide this by selling products for spas, or by setting up your own spa. In order to give back to the local area, you could work with local businesses to use their products. This could include essential oils, cosmetic products, candles or any other form of aromatherapy.

Similarly, you can encourage local professionals to use your spa as a base. These include masseuses, nail techs, and even dermatologists. Remember that hard work pays off, and your spa business takes a little time and effort in order to become successful.

5. Skydiving

Another business idea that can be exciting for adults is a skydiving business. This could be great if you are passionate about boosting people’s adrenaline, and giving them a unique experience. Skydiving is often a bucket list item for many.

You could set up a storefront that advertises your business and schedules sessions for training or safety briefs. From there, you may need to organize transportation to the site that you choose to skydive from. Likewise, you will need to organize professionals or people who are trained in first aid to supervise the activity.

Because of the variety of things that need to be done in order to set up a successful skydiving business, it is important to be self-driven. Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and there are different steps which are needed to keep your customers safe, and ensure that your business provides the best possible service and experience.

6. Casino

Casino Business

If you prefer the adrenaline that comes with betting, then why not start your own casino? There is certainly something lavish about owning a casino. These can be excellent ways of generating revenue for the local area, and promoting tourism in general.

Consider the different laws and regulations which a casino needs to follow in order to operate legally. Each state has slightly different requirements, so it is worth researching those for your local area. Casinos can be set up in hotels, or in a standard storefront.

Another way you could set up your own casino could be by delving into the world of online casinos. Both traditional and online casinos have their own unique pros and cons to be aware of, and it is worth weighing these out when you are planning your own business.

In spite of this, a casino business can promote local businesses by providing musical entertainment from musicians in the area, hosting events to raise money for the community, or getting a local food vendor set up at a food stall.

7. Tour Company

If you are passionate about exploring new places and demonstrating everything that your city has to offer, then you could start your own tour company. There are several ways that you can create your own tour business, depending on the type of customers you want to reach.

For example, walking tours provide guided hikes that have different durations. Small groups will be guided by an expert who can show them certain views, photo opportunities, and share details about the history of the area. Likewise, a cycling tour can allow customers to explore more of the natural world in a shorter amount of time.

However, the most common form of tour company is one that offers guided tours using transportation such as buses. You could create a more unique experience by taking inspiration from the double-decker buses in the UK, or simply purchase a van or SUV for customers to settle into.

Setting up your own tour company can be challenging, but it is also highly rewarding to share the history of your city with new people. You can make your guided tours unique based off ghost sightings or historical places of significance. Sharing the story of how your city got to where it is today can be a great way of boosting the local economy through the hospitality business.

8. Open a Coffee Shop

If you prefer the quiet ambience of a coffee shop, you could start your own business in this way. So many people love coffee shops, and will use them for socializing, small scale business meetings, and more. Consider selling local vendors’ baked goods or preparing your own.

You could even hire a local artist to decorate the windows of your coffee shop. Use a design that complements the ethos of your business, and that will draw in the crowds. The exciting thing about setting up your own coffee shop is that you have control over this.

There is so much more to a coffee shop than providing a good cup of coffee. Customer service, drink varieties, sweet and savory treats, background noise such as music, and lighting all contribute to the overall environment that you create.

Setting up a coffee shop is relatively simple, but the biggest challenge is to make it stand out among others in the area. This could be by providing unique pastries, pay it forward schemes, or even creating quiet workspaces for customers to use.

Consider the different ways in which you can make your coffee shop stand out, and ensure that you promote this on every advertisement done. For example, social media can play a huge role when it comes to influencing customers. Because of this, you should ensure that your coffee shop’s social media page is kept up to date.

9. Kayak Rental

Kayak Rental

Another way of offering something fun and exciting to tourists and locals alike is to organize your own kayak rentals. This can be done by purchasing high quality kayaks, or finding them second-hand, and getting them cleaned up and ready to be rented.

Advertising and organization are key to generating a regular income with this type of business. You will need to promote seasonal deals, group discounts, and check the rate with similar brands. It is also important to provide customers with all the necessary information to keep themselves safe on the water.

This includes showing them different types of routes and how they can get back to where they started, and giving tips on technique. You should also provide buoyancy aids and other safety features with every kayak rental.

You could even set up a day trip discounted deal with a picnic provided. This way, your kayak rental business is sure to take off. From corporate retreats to bachelor parties and family outings, this can be an excellent way to set up a hospitality business.

Kayak businesses can also provide guided tours, which is a great way to explore a city or town from a unique perspective. They can also allow access to first aid when it is needed, if someone becomes unwell or if an accident happens.

10. Valet Parking

If you are an experienced driver and want to start your own business, then you could create a brand for yourself as a valet parking driver. This involves working with potential venues where your services are in demand, and figuring out the best approach to this.

Some clients will not want to be approached, and it is important to consider the different kinds of communication that is needed. Make sure you are using high quality, reliable key cabinets for your valet business. This ensures a level of professionalism and shows customers that you value their time. Likewise, it is important to create necessary feedback forms for customers.

These should be dealt into a reliable format that automatically processes everything for you to see once a week or whenever you have the time. Valet parking can help create a sense of luxury and class, which makes guests feel valued. Because of this a valet parking business can be an ideal way of adding to your city’s hospitality and tourism experience as a whole.

11. Fishing Charter

For those who are passionate about fishing, you could share this with newcomers visiting the area with a fishing charter business. Using your personal experience, you can work hard to provide the best possible experience for your customers.

This includes negotiating with local radio channels to predict the weather, purchasing or hiring a boat for longer excursions, and sourcing the necessary equipment. Of course, there is a great deal of experience that is needed in order to set up a fishing charter business.

In spite of this, you can offer tourists and locals a unique experience when they book a trip or session with your fishing charter business. Organized boat tours or classes about the impact of fishing on the local economy are also great ways of introducing more people to fishing.

Consider guided fishing sessions on shore for beginners, so that customers can build their confidence with the help of someone who is more experienced and knowledgeable. You could even reach out to local chefs who can give cooking classes for preparing fish and making it into a tasty meal.

12. Open a Bar

Open A Bar

Another business idea that can boost tourism in the area is to open your own bar. The great thing about this is that you can choose from a range of themes. These include taking inspiration from German bars, traditional Irish pubs, a sports bar, or base your bar around a fictional universe.

When you are thinking about your theme, you could brainstorm some ideas in terms of drink ideas or cocktail names. The same could be done for the decor in general, music, and more. The great thing about opening your own bar is that you can create something that suits your preferences if you want to.

When it comes to setting up any type of business that relies on customer feedback and recommendations, it is worth thinking about the location. This means considering whether you want your bar to be on the main street, or a little further away. Make sure your bar is not too close to another bar so that the two need to compete.

Similarly, a bar that is in the middle of nowhere in relation to the town is unlikely to do very well. Likewise, your bar could offer some food. This includes snacks such as French fries, burgers, or wings. Make sure you are expressing your personality when you are setting up your own bar, and consider the necessary licensing requirements for your state.

13. Wine Tour Business

There is a huge market for wine tours currently, and many companies are offering their own spin on traditional wine tours. If you think that there is a market for these excursions in your area, then you could set up your own wine tour business.

This can be an excellent way to integrate local businesses into your service, such as providing transportation to vineyards, and homemade snacks or charcuterie boards. Consider a wine tour business to provide customers with a complete experience of how wine is made, or the favorites in the area if you do not live close to a vineyard.

Following the history of wine or showing customers how a particular type of wine became popular in the area is another way to create a completely unique experience. Consider the different types of people who are likely to book a wine tour, and ensure that you are advertising your business in a way that can reach them.

Another key to setting up a successful wine tour business is to create a reliable scheduling system. This prevents your business from being overbooked at any time, and ensures that you can keep track of each group of customers at once.

14. Party Bus

Party Bus

Depending on your budget and the type of business you want to create, you could set up a party bus business. These can be done using limos or second hand buses, and decorating them to promote entertainment. This is frequently done by adding blackout covers on the windows, and installing party lights.

If you live in an area that is likely to use one, then a party bus business can become highly profitable. Of course, there is a great deal of maintenance involved in party buses. These include regular vehicle repairs as well as correcting any damage to the interior.

You could set up your party buses with their own drivers, which you can hire or employ within the business. Alternatively, you can get several buses or party vehicles ready for business and find drivers who are willing to do the job.

Like other business ideas, it is important that you are reaching out to the target market with promotions and reasonable prices for whatever use they may want a party bus for.

15. Open a Bowling Alley

Another business that can be highly entertaining to set up is a bowling alley. You could restore a run down bowling alley in the area, or purchase a potential venue that is large enough for your vision. Make sure you are providing an experience that is unique, with everything that customers could need.

This includes items such as a vending machine for socks if they need to change their footwear, an ice cream parlor, or creating an immersive session in a dark room with disco-style lights. This could be used for parties, or as a package deal for adults and provide them with cocktails or mocktails.

Because of the different kinds of flooring that are needed, it can be a little pricey to set up your own bowling alley. However, this is something that can be invested in over time. This is due to the different food services and additional features that you can integrate to your bowling alley when it begins to make profit.

16. Open a Nightclub

Open A Nightclub

Is there a market for a nightclub in your city? Can you bring something unique to the nightclub scene that will keep your venue in high demand? Consider opening a nightclub that embraces all types of people, by choosing unique DJs or sets of music that aren’t as well known.

Alternatively, you could play different types of cheesy songs and classic hits that crowds will love. Consider the type of people that visit nightclubs in your area, and make your nightclub stand out in this way. You could invite specialist bartenders to offer unique cocktails to guests, make the bathrooms accessible to all, or even provide French fries when the clock hits midnight.

Consider the type of things that you think you would enjoy at a nightclub, and use this for inspiration. Of course, there is no point setting up a nightclub if the city you live in would not benefit from one. However, a nightclub can attract all kinds of people. Consider the pros and cons of this in relation to your town.

17. Glamping Resort

Glamping has also become popular during recent years, and it could be an exciting way to meet new people to set up your own glamping resort. The idea behind this is to provide slightly more luxury than regular tents or other means of camping.

Some common ways of glamping include staying in small log cabins, teepees with full sized beds, in clear domes to watch the stars, or even in tree houses. There are so many ways that you could set up your own glamping resort that can boost tourism and the economy for your area in general.

Regardless of the type of arrangement you choose, you should ensure that you have the space to set up your glamping resort. This could be a field close to your home, or further away for added privacy. Some initial costs will involve the purchase of land.

Make sure you have planned ahead, and that there is access to the essentials for each guest. These include a shared bathroom block within walking distance, or a bathroom within each cabin or glamping setup.

18. Theater Company

If you are passionate about the theater industry as a whole, and you want to create a business around this, why not set up your own theater company? This can involve hiring local talent to perform, promoting events, putting on these events, and hiring venues.

Consider the different types of expressionist performances that can be found in your area, and reach out to necessary people so that you can plan a few events and generate public interest. The theater is something that many individuals enjoy, and it could be used to host community events like talent shows, and concerts for charity.

Because there is a considerable amount of hard work that goes into creating a theater company, you will need to be motivated to achieve this end goal. This is due to the challenges which can emerge during this process.

19. RV Park Business

RV Park

Another business that could be a great addition to the community is an RV park. This is ideal for someone who has experience staying in an RV or even owning one for themselves. Because RVs are completely self-sustaining vehicles, you can set up areas that don’t have electric or water hook-ups.

These can be charged at a much lower rate than those spots that do have these supplies. Guests should also be able to book online or over the phone, so that you can schedule everything ahead of time.

Similarly, you should ensure that guests can safely dispose of their waste water, general garbage, and more in appropriate ways. Another way of generating revenue could be to build a diner or coffee shop close to, or on, the RV park.

20. Souvenir Shop

Finally, souvenir shops are great places for visitors to browse through mementos of your city and appreciate local artwork. Setting up a souvenir shop can be rewarding, because it allows you to encounter people from all walks of life. Make sure you are working with local artists and craftspeople to sell their pieces and give them a portion of the income.

For many, it is a traditional to purchase a souvenir that represents their visit to a particular location. Because of this, you could set up your own souvenir shop and begin earning a little money for your items. In order to generate more income on the whole through this, you could connect your souvenir shop and coffee shop.

By integrating two ideas together, there is the possibility of doubling the income in this way. Likewise, the hospitality business as a whole could benefit from these concepts. Of course, this can require a significant amount of funds at the beginning. However, it is likely that this approach will generate a higher amount of profit in the long run.

21. Gentlemen’s Club

Gentleman’s clubs are private places that are designed to allow men relax and create friendships with other men. Gentlemen’s clubs are regarded as a central part of elite men’s lives. They provide everything a regular home would have.

Statistics have it that in the United States of America alone, there are about 3,821 licensed and registered strip club (gentlemen’s clubs inclusive) businesses responsible for employing about 33,655 employees, and the industry rakes in a whooping sum of $7 billion annually.

22. Hotel Business

Business Idea

Operators in the Hotel and Motel industry provide short-term lodging in hotels, motor hotels (motels), and resort hotels. Operators may also offer food and beverage services, recreational services, conference rooms, convention services, laundry services, parking, and other services.

This industry excludes hotels that have casino facilities attached. Statistics have it that in the United States of America, the hotels and motels industry generates over $133 billion annually.

23. Escort Service

Escorting and prostitution are not the same thing, and while most people consider them both to be unethical, one is a perfectly legal business opportunity while the other is not. It is advisable to educate yourself on the spheres that make escorting a viable business option. Note that the more you know, the less likely you are to run into trouble with the law.



There are many routes that you can take when it comes to encouraging tourism and adding to the hospitality business of your area. Each of these have slightly different predicted timeframes, and upfront costs associated with them. Because of this, it is worth considering the type of business you want to set up, and how you will begin earning money in the future.

Setting up a business within hospitality can be a great way of boosting the economy of your local area. This is because of the income which is generated, and the ability to give back to the community. It can be done through hosting charity events, or contributing to ongoing projects.

Most of the business ideas above involve purchasing some kind of storefront. As a result, it is critical that you are taking careful consideration of the different stores that are nearby the intended location. You will not want to compete too heavily with other businesses in the area.