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What is Idea Flight?
Idea Flight is the only tool you need to share your ideas and presentations on iPad. Remotely control devices from your iPad, show presentations native to iPad easily and effectively, network and make new connections.
What is included in Idea Flight?
Idea Flight lets one person (the Pilot) use their iPad to control a presentation to an audience (their Passengers) to other iPads via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This does not require additional cameras, equipment, dongles, connectors or wires. The transfer happens so the Pilot has complete control over whether or not the Passengers have access to a hard copy. As a Pilot, one swipes through their presentation at their speed and can lock and unlock the content for Passenger to browse at their will. Files can be accessed via Dropbox, iTunes file sharing, email, or Keynote.

Anything else that’s special about Idea Flight?
Never again do you need to worry if you’ve run out of business cards or…worse, forget someone’s name when sitting right in front of them! Idea Flight also allows Pilots and Passengers to network via LinkedIn. While in the meeting. You’ll see who they are, their title and if you’re connected. If not, connecting is a tap away!
What device(s) is the app available for?
At launch, Idea Flight is on the iPad. As more devices become available we will keep you posted via this blog or sign up for our email list.
What does Idea Flight cost?
It is free to download, free to Passenger, and has a paid upgrade in the app for Pilots.
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