Do you want to make quick cash in the forthcoming Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup? If YES, here are 50 sure ways to make money fast in Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The FIFA world cup is unarguably the world biggest sporting event. The 22nd edition of the FIFA world cup will hold in 2023 and it is scheduled to take place in Qatar. This international men’s only football championship holds once in four years and this is the first time the world cup will be held in the Arab world and the first in a Muslim-majority country.

This will also be the first World Cup held entirely in geographical Asia since the 2002 tournament in South Korea and Japan. Furthermore, the tournament will be the last to involve 32 teams, with an increase to 48 teams scheduled for the 2026 tournament.

The 2022 world cup which will take place in Qatar is expected to have millions of sales in tickets. The world cup isn’t just about football; it is also about making money. That is why global brands like Toyota, Coca-Cola, Nike, Electronic Arts (EA) and other companies are keying into the opportunities that the world cup presents by being official sponsors, partners and supporters of the game.

It is estimated that not less than 700 million fans from around the world will be in Qatar come 2022 to watch the live football matches. Football fans all over the world will be watching in excitement as 32 countries compete for the title of world best.

Amid all these excitement, if you step back a bit, you will notice that the world cup provides a plethora of opportunities which small businesses, entrepreneurs and even ordinary people can key into to make fast money during that period.

Qatar is a very small country that is near Saudi Arabia. But you should not let the size of this country fool you; it is one of the richest countries in the world today. Almost all Qataris enjoy a high standard of living. And the country has a rich source of petroleum and natural gas. Therefore, the government earns a huge revenue from the export business.

In addition, the country’s ease for global commerce enhances the possibilities of becoming a leading financial and business hub globally. It has a very conducive business environment that is quite friendly to new businesses. There is no income tax or domestic corporate tax.

However, foreign corporations operating in the country are subject to a flat 10 percent corporate tax rate. Aside from customs duties, there are no other major taxes.

Furthermore, the tax burden equals 5.2 percent of GDP, and government spending amounts to 31.4 percent of GDP. So Qatar is one of the best places for starting and doing business for the new entrepreneurs. Here are 50 quick businesses you can do to make money in Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup.

50 Sure Ways to Make Money Fast in Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup

1. Private accommodation

During the world cup, hotels, motels and guest houses are fully booked; more so if they are near to the venue of the matches. If you live in the city where the matches are being played, you can turn any spare room in your house into a mini-guest house and make a lot of money from it.

This is such a sure way to make money because as long as your house is presentable, there will be always be football tourists on the lookout for cheap accommodation.

2. Face Paint

if you are artistic and good at painting then this is for you. The world cup draws in a lot of loyal and patriotic football fans who will be eager up display the color of the country they support. You can key into this by offering face and body paint services to them. This business is also known to appeal to kids a lot. All you need in other to start this business is your paint and brush.

3. Themed food

As a restaurant owner, you can prepare meals that are designed based on each country’s national color or flag. The food can be prepared for your customer or you can simply display them in your window to attract customers. Bakeries and pastry makers can also key into this to get more customers during this period.

4. Merchandise

Remember those noisy Vuvuzelas from the 2010 world cup in south africa? Well, who would ever forget? Themed t-shirts, kit, soccer jerseys, glasses, among other such items can be really profitable during the world cup.  

5. Street Entertainer

Street entertainers like acrobats, dancers, gymnasts and magicians can incorporate football into their act during the world cup to get more viewership and patronage.

6. Resell Accommodation

The unique thing about this opportunity is that residents and non-residents of Qatar can take advantage of it. It involves buying or booking as many hotel and motel reservation slots that are available prior to the world cup and then selling off at a much higher price.

Visiting fans that came to watch the sporting event will have no other option than to purchase the slots from you even though they are overpriced. The rule of thumb here is to book accommodations that are near the stadiums where the games will take place.

7. Baby Sitting

The demand for baby-sitting services always skyrockets during big sporting events such as the world cup. For example,, a babysitter for hire website noticed a surge of about 32% in the demand for babysitters during the Vancouver Olympics. You can offer up your services to help parents hold their babies or watch over their kids when the go to catch fun at the live football events.

8. Uber and taxi service

Holidays and big events provide an opportunity for Uber and taxi drivers to transport people. There will always be tourists who will need a ride from the airport to their hotels and lodges or from their residence to the venue of the football matches.

Also sporting events like the world cup goes hand in hand with excessive alcohol consumption and thus, these people will need someone to drive them from one location to another.

9. Freelance delivery service

In days of big sporting events, order for pizza, pies and fast-food soar high and as such, the food companies may not be able to handle delivery of their goods. You can liaise with fast-foods and restaurants that offer home delivery to make use of your freelance service in case they become overwhelmed with orders.

10. Pet sitting

Yhis is in a way similar to babysitting but for pets. During the world cup, a lot of pet owners who are also football fans will definitely want to travel to other cities where the football match is being played and will need the service of a pet sitter to help them watch over their pets. This job is fairly easy and not too stressful.

11. Sell a teams memorabilia

If you have a signed memorabilia from members of a national team you can sell it to make money. The more popular the player is, the higher his memorabilia will fetch you. You can list the memorabilia on any online store so as to get bids and customers from all around the world.

12. Local food and snacks

Come 2022 there will be a lot of football fans in Qatar who will also want to have a taste of the local cuisine of the country. If you have culinary skills, you can start a start a mini restaurant or bakery that will cater for world cup fans during this period. You can also buy snacks in bulk and then sell it to fans before and after the matches.

13. Take stock photography

The world cup presents a lot of interesting scenes and you can not only snap for posterity but also to make money off. From fans jubilating, people dressed in their favorite team colors funny mascots, and fans in face paint, there are countless moments that can be captured.

These pictures can then be sold online via stock photo sites for a fee or offline to newspapers and magazines. Even with just a smart phone, you can also key into this opportunity. You can sell your photos via Smartphone apps like Foap or Glashot.

14. Tour guide

Qatar is filled with a lot of tourist attractions that out-of-towners will love to see. Such places include the Al Jassasiya Carvings, the Al Wakra museum, the Corniche, the Al- Zubarah among other places. You can use you unique knowledge and insight of these places to make money during that period. All you need to do is to get a van to start your business.

15. Place a bet

Sport betting is a multi-million industry and it can provide almost anyone an avenue of making quick money. You can stake on the outcome of a match and in about 90 minutes you could earn some cash. Sport betting can be done both online and offline. Granted, sport betting is not the most ideal method of earning money so you should always stake only the amount of money you can afford to lose.

16. Throw a party

You can organize a party for the fans of any other various teams that are participating in the world cup. All you need to do is rent a space, have a high-quality TV, advertise your party, and have drinks and food available to go along with the game. It goes without saying that the event will not be free and thus you can make your profit.

17. Cater the parties of other

If you are a skilled cook, you can offer your service as a caterer to people who wish to throw parties during the world cup period. You can even start this right from the comfort of your own kitchen though you will need standard banquet equipment like chafing dishes and disposable silverware.

18. Offer party cleanup services

World cup celebrations and parties will definitely result in a lot of mess which the organizer may not really want to clean up themselves. You can offer after party clean up services to help people clean up their homes after they must have held parties there.

All you need to offer this service are trash bags, a good vacuum cleaner and a few strong cleaning products. Advertise you service some months ahead of the world cup and watch as offers pour in.

19. Affiliate marketing

If you are into affiliate marketing, you would come to realize that its basic essence is to drive as much traffic as possible to your site through as many channels as possible. You can go to sites like Clickbank or Amazon where you can become an affiliate marketer. You will be given a link which you will have to promote to get sales.

You can get from 10 to 76 percent commission on any sale that is made through your link and you can promote the product through your Instagram page. You can market high-end electronics that will be used to watch the games, world cup paraphernalia and other such related world cup items that are sure to sell during that period.

20. Become a vendor

If you have access to a lot of money then you should consider this option. Licensed world cup vendors are those that produce branded apparels and gear that fans buy and wear in each world cup. Becoming a certified FIFA world cup vendor is actually a very rigorous process, yet, if you manage to succeed and get the opportunity, it a very profitable venture.

21. Organize a football match

A lot of football fans will love to have the opportunity to do what football icons do. You can make their dream come true by setting up a recreational tournament.

All you need to do is to hire a field and get the contestants to sign a form that releases you from any liability and then put your managerial acumen to work. You can set up price money to make it quite enticing while every team will need to first pay an entrance fee from where you can make your profit from.

22. Sell a parking space

If you are lucky enough to live in your own property that is located near any of the stadiums where the world cup matches will take place, you can sell parking spaces to people who are in need of it. You can equally offer this service in other places that are not near the stadiums as well. This is because during the world cup, bars and restaurants will be filled with customers who will also need parking spaces.

23. Car bill board

Even though 2017 has witnessed a lot of car wrap advertising scams, there is still a way by which you can benefit from car based advertising. You can find a local bar or restaurant that wants to get more customers during the world cup period and then offer to carry a decal of their business on your car for a stipulated fee.

24. Provide catering services for football teams

Come 2022 when the various players from different national teams arrive in Qatar, they will not feed themselves individually. If you are a caterer, you can partner with the various national teams to cook for them during that period.

25. Graphic designs

During the period of the world cup, a lot of businesses will want to revamp their banners to fit into world cup theme. If you are skilled in graphic design, you can market your skills in this respect.

26. Cardboards and placards: if you have watched any world cup game, you would see fans carrying beautifully designed placards and cardboards. If you are skilled in writing artistic characters and designs, then you can make a lot of money designing cardboards and placards for football fans.

27. Selling national flags: during the world cup, a lot of patriotic fans can be seen brandishing their nation’s flags to cheer and support their countries. Most of these fans did not bring the flags from home, they bought it right in the venue of the world cup. You can make a lot of money by selling this.

28. Translator: the world cup draws in people from various parts of the globe. Athletes and fans come from different countries and cultural backgrounds who may not know how to speak Arabic or the other languages that are spoken in Qatar. If you are multi lingual, you can offer you services as a translator during this period.

29. Vending machine: vending machines are a legitimate means of passive income that can easily be cashed in on during the world cup. You can buy a vending machine and stock it with candy, soda, fruits or snack. You should endeavor to place your vending machine in a place with a lot of traffic in other to reap the maximum benefit of this business.

30. Hairstylist: if you are well versed in plaiting, cutting or general hair maintenance, you can open a store and offer these services to fans and tourists who will need a new hair styles within that period.

31. Stadium clean up service: during the world cup, a lot of trash will be generated by the fans that come to watch the live events. You can get a contract from the government that will allow you to pick up refuse and clean up the stadium after every match is done. This will help to generate a lot of money for you.

32. Survey and data collection: the government, international organizations and research institutes offer money to individuals and companies to help them gather information and data about the world cup. If you are skilled in data collection you can open a company that does just that and make your profit.

33. Create an information portal for the world cup

Football fans are always on the lookout for informations and updates about the world cup. You can help to provide them this information by creating a world cup information portal. You can buy a domain name that is related to what people may want to search for (for example and furnish it with information regarding the world cup. You can them monetize the website by including ads in it.

34. World cup affiliate streaming service: watching the world cup live in the stadium or via TV is not the only way that fans can view the world cup. They can also make use of streaming services. You can make a lot of money by registering with FIFA to affiliate and thus help them stream their games live.

35. Sport betting company: the world cup attracts the attention of people all over the world that would like to make cool money by betting on the outcome of the matches. Customer can have to option of placing their bets by visiting your shop or by betting online. With this, you can attract customer that are in Qatar and elsewhere in the world.

36. Production of sport videos or computer games: if you are a programmer, you can start the production of world cup related videos and games. By creating football games with popular stars in it, you will get a lot of patronage during the world cup period.

37. Start a laundry business targeted at football teams: we are all aware that footballers do not wash their jerseys themselves. It is a practice amongst sports clubs and national teams to contract all their laundry jobs to Laundromats. You can start a Laundromat that is specialized in washing clothes for footballers and their teams and liaise with FIFA to contract you the job of washing their jerseys.

38. Customized football jerseys: the demand for customized football jerseys are sure to skyrocket during the world cup. Fans will always appreciate and request for their country jersey that has their names behind it. To start this business you will need to have good graphics design skills and a business network that can help you access quality jerseys at affordable price.

39. Start a consignment business that deals in sport wares and cloths: there are football fans that may not be able to afford quality but expensive jerseys of their favorite countries. If you know how to source for fairly used sport wears, you can make a lot of money by starting your own consignment business.

40. Open a gift shop: after the world cup has taken place, football fans will want to take something back with them to remind them of Qatar and the good time they had there. You can start a gift shop so as to cater for this need.

41. Massage and physical therapy: injury in sport is not new and during the world cup, it is expected that some athletes will be hurt- some a little and some a lot. Massage therapy can help to relief their aching muscles and free them from pain. However to become a certified massage or physical therapist, you will need a license.

42. Sport bar business

A lot of people still believe that it is more enjoyable to watch a football match in the midst of people than to watch it alone at home. You can start a sports bar where people who can’t attend the live football matches can come and watch the game with other people and thus feel the real excitement of the game.

In conclusion, you should try as much as possible to aggressively promote all the initiatives you may have for the world cup so as to expose your business to the maximum amount of audience. However, in your marketing campaign, you should do well to avoid all words, names, brands or images that may infringe in the trade mark of the FIFA or even the individual footballers themselves.