Do you want to take advantage of the coming Olympics to make quick cash? If YES, here are 50 sure ways to make money fast in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Even though the Summer Olympics Games are held every four years, the Winter Olympics are also done every four years but in non-leap years that are even numbered unlike that of the Summer Olympics that occur during leap years.

Countries that want to host the games usually submit their bids to the International Olympics Committee headquarters in Switzerland and get chosen seven years in advance in order for the host cities to have adequate time to prepare for the events. South Korea which hosted the Summer Olympics Games in 1988 as well as the Korea-Japan FIFA World Cup in 2002, succeeded to host the Winter Olympic Games after its third bid attempt.

In 2011, the city of PyeongChang in Gangwon province located in the northeast part of South Korea was announced as the host for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. While Beijing in China will host the 2022 winter Olympics.

The winter games which will take place in February 2022 is a haven for different small businesses that will spring up and an innovative entrepreneur should have plans on what he or she intends to do in order to make fast money during this period. Below are 50 Ways to Make Money Fast in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

50 Ways to Make Money Fast in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

  1. Travel Agency

The travel industry is a huge one and a travel agency helps those that want to travel to handle certain aspects such as paying for air fare, securing accommodation, car rentals, tourist sites available and any other service especially if the place where the client is looking to travel to is unknown.

As a travel agency, your staff should be knowledgeable about the cultures of different countries and cities and so while knowledge of Beijing is necessary, knowledge about other cultures is also necessary as well so that you can serve your clients better.

  1. Beauty Studio

A beauty salon is an establishment that caters to the physical improvement of clients and as there are many people – both male and female – that will seek for the improvement of their physical beauty during the period, this business is going to help spin money fast for you especially as there will be lots of parties to attend. Ensure that you are well versed with the industry trends and that you engage in vigorous promotion of your brand.

  1. Smoothie Bar

More people are now becoming conscious of what they consume as the healthy lifestyle trend has caught on and so starting a smoothie bar is a perfect business for you during the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing 2022. It is important to get a good location for your smoothie bar so that you can be visible to your target market.

You will also need to engage in vigorous marketing by handing out fliers in places where your target market is likely to congregate or you can use a cart which will be easy for you to move to your target market.

  1. Seafood Restaurant

Starting a seafood restaurant might be a risky business due to the fact that some of the seafood are seasonal in nature. Also, when shopping for seafood and accompanying ingredients, you have to be very careful to ensure that the items are not only fresh but that they meet high quality standards so as to avoid food poisoning. There are various people that will want something different and a seafood restaurant attains that unique difference.

  1. Sports Bar

There are many people who wouldn’t want to attend the games in the freezing weather and yet still want to watch the games amongst other fans. In a sports bar, there are usually television sets and other sporting memorabilia where fans can gather and follow the games they are interested in whilst having their drinks or meals.

This is a business that can continue after the Winter Olympic Games has been concluded and so while you can make quick cash during the games, you can still continue making your money after.

  1. Food Truck

A food truck business is one that will enable you make quick money during the Winter Olympics in Beijing as this is considered a great investment. You should make a decision on the kind of food you intend to sell via your food truck as you can sell food and beverages that are indigenous, foreign or a combination of both.

You can still run your food truck business after the Winter Olympic Games as this is the only way you can get back the capital invested especially in buying the truck.

  1. Coffee Service

During winter periods, people usually take a lot of coffee. Offering coffee service where you can deliver hot coffee at the stadium is going to enable you make money fast. It is important that you are stationed very close to the stadium as the visibility is going to be very helpful to how quickly you make money. You can get a truck which will also allow you move around to other locations to sell your coffee.

  1. Tour Guide

Even though many will be visiting Beijing in order to participate or watch the games, a lot will also want to visit other scenic sites and historical places and so if you are knowledgeable about the area and its surrounding environs and love enlightening people in a formal setting, you can offer tour guides and make quick money.

The best place to source for customers for your tour guide business is at hotels where people will be lodging and at stadiums where there will be different games.

  1. Bed and Breakfast Business

There are going to be many people coming into the city who may not be able to afford to stay in hotels and so will want to stay in a cheaper place. A bed and breakfast business is one that offers short term accommodation in private homes and offers breakfast as part of its service.

If you have a big house that has lots of spare rooms, then you should consider going into this business and make quick cash for yourself during the Winter Olympic Games. You might need to promote your business vigorously online and align with vendors such as taxi drivers, car rentals etc so that they might help in referring your business.

  1. Fast Food

The fast food kind of business is one where customers are offered quick, affordable and convenient meals. The truth is you will definitely be competing with big brands and in order to stand out you might need to consider using a food truck so that you can always move the vehicle to where your intended customers are assembled. Ensure that you stock various popular meals so as to accommodate the preferences of your various clients.

  1. Restaurant

The restaurant business is a popular one because more people are living a busy lifestyle and therefore do not have the time to cook meals for themselves and so usually prefer to eat out at restaurants.

The fact that there will be diverse people coming in means you need to be careful about your menu so that you can appeal to a large number of people. Even though you will require lots of capital to start this business, it is a business that you can still run after the games have been concluded.

  1. Gifts Shop

Many people will want to get gifts for either those they met in the city or for family and friends back home and so a gift shop is going to receive lots of demand during this period. You should determine the kind of gifts you want to stock in your gift shop and then engage in vigorous promotion so as to create awareness for your business.

  1. Barber shop

Just like lots of people will visit the beauty salon, there will also be lots of people who will visit the barber shop to have a haircut. Even though this is a regular business that can be run before or after the Winter Olympic Games, the influx of customers during the games is going to triple your revenue.

  1. Car Rental Business

Cars are a necessity needed to move around either for business purposes or pleasure and so when people visit a place, they usually need a car they can use to get to different destinations without having to be chauffeured around, this is why starting a car rental business is one way you can make quick cash during the Winter Olympic Games due to the amount of visitors that would flood the city.

  1. Hair Salon

Running a hair salon is going to be a huge money spinner for you as there are people who have no idea on what to do with their hair and so require experts to help them out. Also, the fact that there will be several occasions and parties during this period mean that there will be women and even men demanding the services of a hair stylist. Ensure that you promote your business vigorously in order to stand out and that you are current with the trends in the industry.

  1. Auto Mechanic Services

During the winter period, a lot of cars usually develop problems and so there is always an increased demand for services of auto mechanics.

The good thing about this kind of business is that it isn’t seasonal and can be continued even after the Winter Olympics has ended. To ensure awareness for your business, you will need to deploy several marketing strategies from word of mouth to distribution of fliers.

17. Sale of Fashionable Winter Accessories

The fact that it is going to be very cold in Beijing during this period means that more people will have to dress up to fit the weather.

However, due to the fact that most people no longer like to wear bulky coats and dreary sweatshirts as they are getting more conscious about what they put on, selling fashionable accessories is bound to be a highly lucrative business. Because this is a niche market, it is important that you engage in vigorous marketing in order to increase awareness for your business.

  1. Interpreter and Translator

Even though the city of Beijing in China will benefit financially from the Winter Olympic Games, but the fact that people will be coming in from various countries is bound to create issues when it comes to communication.

If you are therefore one who is versed in the native language as well as other in major languages including English, then it is time for you to make quick bucks during the Winter Olympic Games. Ensure that you apply officially to the right committee.

  1. Spa

Running a spa business during this period is likely going to generate lots of capital for your business. Decide what kind of spa you want to run, hire capable hands and then vigorously promote the business in order to attract the customers that you need for your business.

  1. Jet Ski Rental

Some of the Winter Olympics games involve the use of ski and so participants will need equipment which they can train with. Even though you do not have to be an experienced skier to start this business, it will be to your advantage as the tips and suggestions which you can give to customers will give you an edge over other competitors.

It is also important that you know the different brands available and which brands you are going to be renting out to your customers.

  1. Cleaning Company

This is the kind of business that you can make quick bucks from during the Winter Olympic Games especially as it isn’t the kind of business that requires any sort of special certification or skill before you can start.

Things are bound to be hectic during this period for commercial and residential areas and most people will not have the time to clean and so will require the services of a cleaning company. Even though you are can continue to run the business after the games have been concluded, you will be making fast money during the games.

  1. Night Club

After the events of the day, most people will be looking to unwind at a nightclub and so if you are one that loves long hours and meeting new people, then this is a lucrative business to start up. It is important to ensure that your night club is conducive and secure for those that will visit. Engage in vigorous promotion by passing out handbills and fliers in various strategic locations.

  1. Ticketing Services

Not everyone will buy tickets when they should and so will be looking for where they can get tickets to attend certain events, you can apply to the Olympics committee to help sell tickets for the various events. This is a sure way by which you can generate revenue fast during the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing.

  1. Security Outfit

Due to security concerns that may arise from those visiting especially wealthy people, you can offer your services if you have a security outfit. Ensure that those that you hire are capable and well trained. You can create awareness for your business by networking with various vendors.

  1. Taxi Service

Not everyone will be looking to rent a car or use the transportation services available and so the demand for taxis at this point will escalate. Check out what will be required of you before deciding to start your taxi service and ensure that you meet all the requirements.

  1. Photographer

Pictures are worth a thousand of words and they ensure that great memories are kept and even though there are now smartphones and personal digital cameras in existence, the demand for professional photography is still existent. Ensure that you have acquired professional training and that you have a good camera.

You can seek to be one of the professional photographers allowed into the stadium and from there take exquisite shots that can be sold to blogs, websites and television stations looking for such shots.

  1. Sale of Souvenirs

Whenever people visit another country or city, they like to go back with souvenirs either for themselves or loved ones back home that remind them of the place that they had visited; therefore, if you are looking to make money fast in Winter Olympic Games, then selling souvenirs is one of the best businesses to venture into. Ensure that you have conducted a thorough research regarding what will likely catch the attention of your target market.

  1. Sale of Winter Wears

Even though there will be constant reminders from the home countries of those that will attend the Winter Olympic Games to carry appropriate clothing for the cold weather, there will still be a lot of people who will not carry appropriate clothing and so will need to buy when they arrive  in order to combat the weather.

Starting the sale for winter wears is a very fantastic idea as even those that brought the right clothes will still not mind buying again, and even the locals will patronize your business. Creating awareness for your business is very important as you will experience stiff competition from others that have the same idea.

  1. Sale of Traveler’s Security Packs

No one wants to lose any of their possessions especially mobile phones, means of identification and money and so selling traveler’s security packs either at airports or at hotel venues will likely generate lots of revenue for you.

  1. Party Rental Business

There are bound to be lots of parties during and immediately after the Winter Olympic Games and most party and event planners that usually organize these parties do not usually have all the tools and so usually rent them.

While this is a very lucrative business that will bring in quick cash for you, you will have to engage in serious networking with these party and event planners so that they come to you and since there will be lots of competition from other party rental businesses, you might need to offer other services in order to stand out.

  1. Graphics Design Business

If you have designing capabilities, then starting a graphics design business is bound to make you huge sums of money during the Winter Olympic Games as there are entrepreneurs who will want to advertise and so will need their banners, fliers, websites, blogs designed for them. You are likely to face a whole lot of competition in this business, so you need to have a portfolio of your works so as to make you stand out.

  1. Mobile Car Wash

A mobile car wash is a niche kind of business because instead of car owners coming to you, you go to them, thereby saving up on the need to rent a place and having to get certain equipment. The fact that you will be going to your customers means that you will get certain tools and supplies in order to be able to perform your tasks. You may choose to add other services in order to be able to attract customers.

  1. Pizza Restaurant Business

Pizza is one consumable that can be found in almost all countries of the world and it is therefore going to be in high demand by some visitors who will want to have something familiar. One good thing about pizza is that one can get creative with it.

Ensure that you create lots of awareness for your pizza business by handing out fliers at the different venues where the games will be held. Not only will you make quick cash during this period especially if your delivery is prompt but you can also continue the business after the games have ended.

  1. Laundry and Dry Cleaning

There are bound to be lots of dirty clothes during this period and therefore demand will be high for laundry and dry cleaning services and so if you are looking for a business that will earn you lots of fast money during this period, then a laundry and dry cleaning business is what you should go into.

You can add delivery services to your core service and charge extra, that way those that don’t have the time do not have to bother with having to come and pick up their laundry. This is the kind of business that you can continue even after the games are over.

  1. Arts and Crafts Business

If you are gifted with your hands, then it is high time you turn this into a money spinner by utilizing the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing.

People are always ready to buy arts that they can identify with or crafts that they admire and so before you start painting or crafting, you should realize that there will be people from different countries with different tastes and so it is best that whatever you are looking to do aligns with the event.

36. Skate Rental Business

The skateboard is a small flat piece of wood with wheels attached to it that is used for skating activities. Because this is a winter event set in a scenic environment with lots of snow, it is safe to say that you will be facing stiff competition from others that will also be looking to make quick cash as well.

Location for this kind of business is very important because if you are not in a visible location, you will likely not get lots of customers. In order to however increase awareness for your businesses that will enable you generate revenue, it is best that you promote your business vigorously.

  1. Baked Goods Business

Even though people love soups and warm drinks during winter periods, they also love hot pastries as well especially as most people coming into the country will not be able to bake their own pastries, which is where your services come in.

The good thing about this kind of business is that your clients will consist of visitors and the locals and the business can continue to generate some money for you even after the games are over. You will need to promote this business massively and you can get a cart and station it outside the stadium so that people can buy hot scones or other pastries.

  1. Phone Repair Business

No matter how short the duration of the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing might be, there are going to be lots of people who have issues with their phones and would need help, therefore as an enterprising entrepreneur, you should take advantage of this.

However, it is essential that you have acquired phone repair skills as there will be different phones that will likely develop problems during this period. Create awareness for your business by passing out fliers and handbills in various strategic locations. The good thing about this business is that you can always run it even after the games is over.

  1. Towing Services

The winter period is not only harsh to people but also to electronics, gadgets and automobiles. If you are looking to make fast money during the winter games, then this business is going to guarantee you that. You should liaise with car rental companies so that they can direct clients with faulty cars to you. Also, you can pass out fliers in strategic locations in order to create awareness for your business.

  1. Hot Soup Dinner Business

Whenever the weather is cold, the demand for hot meals and drinks usually skyrocket as those that will visit or partake in the games will not have the time to make these hot meals themselves and will therefore appreciate a service where something hot can either be delivered to where they are staying or have it picked up from an easily accessible place.

One good thing about going into this kind of business as an entrepreneur is that you are not limited to just visitors as locals can also patronize your business. This is one of the businesses where you can make really fast money within a short time period.

  1. Sleigh Rides

If you have good horses and love to provide adventure for others, then starting a sleigh ride could be one lucrative business for you to try out during the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing. The good thing about starting this kind of business is that you can offer several packages to various clients, thereby escaping a monotonous business.

You are however bound to be up against serious competition and so in order to stand out you might need to offer your clients extra services. You can promote your business by pasting fliers in strategic areas where your target market is likely to congregate.

  1. Sale of Organic Lip Balm

The winter period is usually harsh on the lips of people, from children to adults and so selling lip balm during this period is likely to be a very lucrative.

However, because people are now conscious of what they put on their body, most people are trying to stay off products that have harsh chemicals in it and so are going for natural or organic products. You can either produce the lip balm yourself or buy from a trusted dealer whose products you must have studied for some time.

  1. Ski Instructor

There are several people – from those participating in the games to those just visiting – that will want to take advantage of the moment to either ski or learn how to. If you have a thorough knowledge about the activity and have been qualified as an instructor, then you could look to starting this business in order to make lots of money from it.

In order to be able to offer this service, it is important that you are around ski resorts or hotels to enable people become aware of your business. Ensure that you also have insurance as injuries – from light to major – can occur during lessons.

  1. Liquor Delivery Service

The weather during the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing will be very cold and therefore, there is likely to be a high demand for liquor during this period as they provide those that drink it with warmth unlike any other kind of liquid. Even though this is likely going to be a hot business that will generate lots of cash for you, it is also highly regulated and so it is essential that you conduct a thorough research about the business before starting it.

  1. Snowshoe Sales

Snowshoes are footwear that is used for walking over snow. The snowshoe does not allow the wearer’s feet sink completely into the snow because it distributes the weight of the wearer over a larger area. There are different types, quality and sizes of snowshoes which you should know about.

It is also essential that you know about the recommended loads, tractions and other factors as those buying will look to you to advise them on the appropriate snowshoe. Ensure that you however do not stock too much snowshoes so that you aren’t left with too much inventory that will see your capital getting stuck.

46. Makeup Artist

Even though this might look like a regular business, it really isn’t as the make ups that are applied during the winter is different from regular make up and every professional makeup artist knows this.

During this period, there are bound to be several events and occasions to be attended and women will always want to look their best at these occasions and so giving makeovers during this period is going to ensure that you earn a lot of money fast. You can paste your fliers in hotels or hand them out around the stadium areas in order to increase the necessary awareness for your business.

47. Party Planner

If you are one who loves throwing great parties, then becoming a party planner during this period is going to allow you make lots of money as there are going to be different parties thrown either to celebrate the success of a team or to bid a team farewell and so you will need to be creative in providing this service to your clients. You can also go to where a large number of the visitors are likely to congregate like hotels and at stadiums and hand out handbills, fliers and business cards as this will enable more people to be aware of your business.

48. Personal Shopper Business

The personal shopper business is one that can fetch an innovative entrepreneur that loves to shop a good amount of money during the winter Olympic Games in Beijing as there are going to be a lot of people that will want their shopping done for them.

In order to succeed, you will need to interview your clients in order to get a firm idea of their tastes and preferences. Decide how you intend to charge because while some charge by the hour, others charge a percentage of the cost of merchandise.

In conclusion, just like any other business, it is important that you conduct a thorough survey of the business you intend to do so that you do not end up wasting time and money. Find out the target market for your business and know what it is they expect from you and what you should expect from them as well.

It is also important that you know your competition so that you can create strategies that will make your business stand out and get you noticed to make the required impact and money.