Most people think that they can only make more money when they receive a promotion on their current jobs.  They forget that more money can be made if they look around for things they can do that wouldn’t conflict with their current nine to five jobs. The only other thing to consider when looking into making money on the side would be whether one would need a special skill before starting out.

Special skills usually require a period of learning, so people are always advised to look to the things they already have a flair for; it could be writing, reading, crafts or programming. After such things are identified then the next step would be to make a business out of it in a way that would not conflict with your regular working hours.

With the advance in technology, the number of jobs one can do on the side have multiplied. Nowadays, a person can simply sit behind his laptop at home and make cool money that can be added to the regular pay check that comes in from a day job.

However, it would be wise to point out that maintaining a night job while fully employed in another during the day is tasking. Any person choosing this type of endeavor for an extra source of income would need a great deal of focus, discipline and energy to be able to sustain the two jobs.

The tedious nature of the jobs would be determined by the type of business it is and the set of skills required to pull it off. Below is a list of 50 options for making money at night while keeping your day job.

How to Make Money at Night While Keeping your Day Job


In today’s world of the internet and computers, interesting ways of making money have been developed. There are websites dedicated to providing answers to people who ask serious questions about various professions or industry.

These websites however do not have the answers by themselves in themselves, but require working professionals in the fields the questions are directed to answer. These professionals would be paid to carefully consider the questions asked and give their honest opinions.

It is a very good way to make money on the side, as one could finish from his day job, come home to his laptop and simply answer question for a few hours online after which they go to bed and they would have made some extra money.


Odd jobs are casual, isolated and mostly domestic, they are usually simple enough to be done in one’s spare time. There are lots of people out there in need of some of these seemingly unimportant jobs. Even businesses will need the services of one who can do these types of duties, sometimes after hours even.

This is a very good option because of how casual the tasks or errands may be, the only thing that may be a cause for concern is that these tasks would have to be done at night but depending on the jobs one is doing and the environment where it is being done, it could also be a nice way to gain some extra cash.


There are quite a number of double income families who need someone to look after their kids in the evenings because they come back really late most nights. The children should be done from school at a certain time, they could be brought straight home where the house keeper may stay till she has to leave by 7pm or so.

The household may need someone they can trust to be at home, keeping watch over the children till 10 or 11pm when their parents get home from work. There are various other scenarios that may demand such services from a person who is willing to sacrifice their evenings to this purpose.


Another great advantage of technology is that you no longer need to have a professional studio in order to make professional recordings. Nowadays a simple laptop, audio recording software, sound card and microphone can do the trick.

Also, a quiet area is needed if one wants to go into creating audio books. Another thing that will be important for this type of business is that the person must be excellent in their oratory abilities. Recording the audio books and making them available on vendor sites can always be done at night after the person has come home from their regular work.


Two times of the day are best for the offices to be cleaned; very early in the morning or at night after the day’s activities are over. For the purpose of this article, we would be discussing about doing this work at night after working hours.

You would have to have a lot of energy to be able to quickly leave your office, drive down to the office or offices you would be cleaning for that evening in order to do the job. If your day job involves a lot of physical activity then it will require great effort on your part to do both jobs excellently.


This is an excellent choice if you have a knack for creating good fabric designs and you have the necessary equipment at home.

A few hours on the machine everyday after work sounds nice for the one who has a strong passion for this type of work but for some reason has not come to the point where they do it full time. You still get to do what you love along side your day job, this is not to say that you do not love your day job.


There are a good number of websites offering money for people who will take their surveys. Many companies are researching their products, services and ideas, they usually need a great number of people to give their opinions about the ins and outs of the services they intend to offer.

Or it could be some other kind of survey, the kind for scientific research and so on, the fact is that one could choose to take these surveys on a nightly basis after their day at work. The organizers of the surveys pay those who participate a certain amount of money that has been agreed upon.


Based on the amount of demand you may have, putting together jewelry for your clients may not take the whole night. This is something you can do in your own time in as much as you have a timeline; your own personal discipline and artistic gifts will determine if this would be a lucrative side business for you.

You could be supplying to just a single vendor or multiple vendors across your city, if you have the energy after work, it is definitely a great way to make money on the side after a full day’s work.


You may already enjoy reading, buy this type of reading is more than just enjoying what has been written. It requires you to look out for and correct grammatical errors. At night time if the environment permits you, you can take up proof reading jobs.

Another great part of this type of side work is that you get to constantly improve certain aspects of your mind. Proof reading can be done anywhere and at any time assuming you do not overstretch your timeline beyond your due date. It sounds like a great way to make some extra money on the side.


Some people travel for work and have plants, pets or even people at home that need taking care of or supervision. You can take some time off staying at your own place for the duration of time your employers may be gone. After work, you simply come to their place in order to handle the various responsibilities around the house.

They could even have little children that may require tending to, you would be the one to supervise their going to school, pickups, extra lessons and so on. To do this work, the people you are staying at their place would have to trust you enough to give you access to their homes.


Saturdays are excellent days to indulge in that photography hobby of yours. The interesting thing is you can actually make some money from the photographs you take. There are quite a number of sites online that will pay to have your photographs on their archives.

You could dedicate your weekends to taking very excellent pictures of nature, tourists or even set up a home studio where you can invite friends over to take their photographs, then make those photos available for the sites that will buy them. Bottom line is you can use your evenings after work to upload these photos, promote these photos or update them on your own personal profile page on the vendor website.


There are sites today that pay for various courses from video editing to fashion designing. You could invest in producing your training videos, edit them either by yourself or get a professional editor to do that for you, then upload them on these sites.

Production of these videos could be done at night after work or on the weekends, then afterwards your nights could be used to update your profile, respond to messages, fine tune the marketing of your courses online and so on. This particular idea may take some time to make you some money in the sense that you have to make for production time, marketing and so on. But the time used will also pay off, when many candidates begin to enroll for your course.


You can actually get a part-time job in whatever field that is good for you. Since it is part-time, the employer knows that you would have a dedicated time when you show up. Both of you could agree for just evening shifts and the pay would also reflect that.

This type of job could be you taking advantage of some of the skills you may have naturally, or you could just need the extra cash and choose to learn on the job.

One idea for this could be running the night shift for a twenty-four-hour type of business or being a security guard, if you can handle that. It’s a part time job in any case and it will assist with the current pay check you may be getting from your day job.


Who says dry cleaning has to be done throughout the day? You could have a dry-cleaning service as a side business if you have a space in your home to set up the equipment. You could do everything from the actual washing of the clothes to ironing in the comfort of your own home, mostly at night when you come home from work.

You would also have to keep your client listing at a specific number so as not to overwhelm yourself, taking into account that the dry-cleaning business is just a side business except you intend to hire other people to help you out in delivering your services.


Bottled water has become one of the major ways people get drinking water. The rate at which water dispensers are being bought has created a business around the refilling of these bottles. If one has the space to install a set of water treating machines, they could also go ahead to install the equipment needed to refill these bottles.

One could work at night refilling the bottles and the distributors can come in the morning to pick them up before the person goes to work. Another thing could be that the person could also sell the dispenser water from home, however all his clients will have to know when to come for their water.


Most of the businesses in lounges take place at night, so it makes sense to have this as a side job. You would need to know how to make drinks and carry on small talk, because it is very usual for people to speak to the bar man on certain issues from time to time.

If you don’t mind the music which is usually loud and quite a lot of people frequently passing orders at you for drinks, then this is for you.

Co-ordination is another thing that is very important for this type of work due to the fact that drink orders may be coming in at a very high rate and delays are not encouraged, as a bar man/woman you will need to prepare those drinks in record time so the waiters can take them to the tables.


This could be at a Bar, Lounge or Club. If you have a love for music with a keen ability to mix them together in a way that audiences are moved to appreciation for your fine art, then this could be the perfect night job for you. Anybody can put large amounts of music together to make a playlist, but it takes a certain type of skill to put the music together in such a way that the combination of songs communicates certain feeling to the audience.

You would have to be a lover of popular and not so popular music, and you would have to have a passion for musical artistes and their various genres so as to stay up to date with what is trending.


Quite a number of people need help in this particular area as they haven’t the discipline to effectively keep their personal or professional finances in order. Since most bookkeeping activities are done after hours, you can take this up as a night job.

You may choose to go to the client’s place to render this service to them or they could simply send you records of all transactions made electronically and you could balance the books. You can also stretch into providing accounting services or help your clients on issues concerning tax and so on.


Evenings after work, your students could come to a place you have provided in your home. The purpose would be for them to learn the language you are teaching. Even if it may not be at your home, most of these vocational institutions run at night because some of their clients are also working their day jobs. So, you could go to the schools for your evening classes with your students.


Evening work out sessions at the gym could be your own personal niche as you venture into helping people become healthier. You could pick three days out of the week when you meet up with your clients at the gym for their training sessions.

Another option could be home service, where you meet up with your clients after they are back from work for their training session. Helping them develop the right kind of feeding plan that will accommodate the effects of the exercise can also be part of your fitness package.


There are sites now that you can upload your information as a designated driver. Those who need your services can contact the site or mobile application, and book you.

The thing is you would make yourself available only after six or seven pm, depending on when you get off from your day job. If you get one or two clients per night, it should be enough to keep the extra amount of money coming in, that will help support the one major income flowing in through your day job.


Many companies would love to have an objective view concerning their website. They would like real user experience feedback from people who actually use the site. Seeing as most people just visit the site for whatever purpose they may want, you on the other hand could get paid to navigate through the website, testing out all the various features, noting the bugs that may come up as your use the site.

You will be looking at how easy it is for people to get to the most relevant information on the site, how quickly the pages load, the efficiency of the feedback response and so on. Then you would be required to let the owners of the website know how your experience was.


There are a lot of items that could be recycled for money, you could make an arrangement with the owners of businesses or households where these items can be made available for you after use. Then in the evenings after work you go around your route picking them up and taking them to the place where they would be recycled.

You don’t have to own the recycling machines yourself, you simply have to pick up and drop off. There are some items you may be willing to buy from the people you have an arrangement with, but the recycling company you give it to will pay you an even higher amount of money for these selected items.

  1. CV HELP

Most times people don’t recognize that the reason why they may be rejected from jobs they’ve applied for is because of the poor standard of their CVs. Many people struggle with putting together a properly formatted CV because of a lack of understanding when it comes to what employers are looking for.

You could offer this service of not just helping people fine-tune their CVS’s but also keeping job seekers updated on various vacancies and so on. You could do this at your spare time and vacancy updates can now be done by e-mail or on your smartphone. Your clients will pay for these services and you can render these helps after hours.


If you love to research hand communicate your ideas through writing, then this is for you. You could sign up to write for various blogs, websites, magazines, newspapers and so on as a freelance writer. It would be understandable that you are not the major editor of the medium but simply there to offer your writing services. Such a work could be done from the comfort of your own home at night.


The major difference between the point stated above and this one here is the fact that as a ghost writer nobody knows you are the original author of the material printed or posted on the sites. If you don’t mind another person receiving the credit for your work and all you are looking for is the pay check at the end of the day, then this is for you. However, if you want to be recognized as a writer in the literary world then stay clear of this option.


Think about the number of small businesses that may not have the time to keep their social media content updated day by day. In the world we live in, a lot of marketing is done on digital platforms, finding someone who is tech savvy with an in-depth knowledge of how digital marketing works will be advantageous to these businesses.


Not only can you coach in your spare time at night, you can also set up some type of consulting service for people who will need that. Of course, it would have to be in a field of expertise where you have strong knowledge base and experience.

One of the major reasons why some people fail is because of the lack of proper guidance in the things they have chosen to do. Having someone close by to give the right kind of advice would be very good and something this good is worth paying for.


You can teach anything from mathematics to makeup; whatever it is you have a vast knowledge about can be taught to quite a number of people from the comfort of your home or you could choose to go to the places where your clients live.


It could be that there are lovely paperback books that haven’t been made e-books yet and you may have the license to convert such books to electronic format. Or you have a great skill for writing on a variety of topics and would like to write your own e-books. In either cases, the execution of these projects could be done after hours, the only thing to consider may be the timeline, and the due date for the submission of each book.


Once again this could be done from home if you have space to set up the equipment. You could print on t-shirts, mugs, caps and so on. Not only that, you could print branded envelopes, calendars, giftbags and so on. There is no rule that says this type of work must be done in the morning or throughout the day. So, it is possible to receive your orders, work on the requests by night and still maintain your day job.


“Bake at Night” could be a catchy name for your baking business, most may think it’s just a nice name but it actually expresses the time when you do your work. You could bake anything from cakes to pies after hours either in the comfort of your own house or at a venue you rented.


Find a niche you are great at and develop a website around that idea. There are multiple ways in which you can make money from your website once it is running and creating a lot of traffic.


You could have a day job as a web developer, your side job doesn’t have to be far away from your day job if that’s the case. You could develop web applications for various clients on your own personal time, just a simple way of making money on the side.


It is either you have an e-commerce site or you simply post on a drop shipping site, either way you would be selling items online. Which is something you can manage after hours, even at home.


This could even be an online type of service. You could be part of an online focus group that discusses, analyses and test runs products or services before they are launched to the public. However even if the group is live, they would probably meet mostly in the night because a large majority of participants could also have day jobs, so it works.


One of the things that sells homes could be the way the entire house is furnished and decorated. This gives the prospective buyer the much-needed insight into how the house will look if they choose to buy it. You could do your entire work of setting up in the night after your day job, then the realtors can come to show the house to prospects in the morning and such can be the arrangement.


These days mobile applications have become one of the most influential things in our lives. There is an application for literally everything and if there are applications that haven’t been developed to assist with certain problems, you can be rest assured they are being made. If one has the skill set, they could build mobile applications for small businesses within their free time at night.


You could have a website where you promote your service, ideas or the things that interests you the most. If a large number of people have become very attached to what you place on your site, a number of businesses could desire to advertise on your site. The thing is, you make money every time a visitor clicks on the adverts you place on your site.


There are so many people who need to get organized, they may not have what it takes to hire a professional personal assistant. The other option could be to hire someone who will simply look at the various activities they may have in the day and present a well-organized structure for achieving some of their weighty objectives.


Bloggers make money in so many ways, it only makes sense that this particular work should be up on this list. There is no way a list like this would be complete without blogging, because blogging can be done any time of the day. But for someone with a nine to five job, most of their content development, management and marketing would be done at night.


We all love to play games, either on our phones or on the laptop. Someone with a great knowledge of programming can focus that extra time in developing interesting games that stand to make a lot of money when distributed across various platforms.


You could fix electronics or other kinds of appliances at night after you may have been done with your day job, either you go to the client’s place or they leave the appliances for you at home.


If your day job is secretarial then this would be a lovely way to make money on the side when you come home from work. You will simply be doing the same kind of things you did in the office but for people you have never met or seen. This is entirely virtual, online and is based on contract or on a freelance type of agreement. You can assist on anything from data entry to book keeping, the choice will depend on the needs of the clients.


You could have an agreement to lend your voice to the customer service department of a company, while majoring on the night shift. This is of course going to be on a part-time agreement, you would have to learn to keep your wits about you as you may be tired from the day job and answering calls in a bad mood may reflect badly on the company you are representing.


Normally you would have to have had some type of extensive training in the various graphics design software to be able to pull this off. Most of your work could be done at night as this type of job is not time sensitive as long as you deliver your various projects as at when due.


Various video producers may send you their works so that they can be edited. All you need for this type of job is your laptop with the standard software for editing videos and the necessary skills to deliver on projects.


If you have only one car, you will definitely need it in the morning to get to work, so this seems like a risky one to do. But if you trust the person well enough, you could make your car available for him for the night. And there would be no real effort on your side.


Anything from furniture to cabinets, if you are good with carpentry tools, then this can be done after hours in your home shed for clients across the city.


If you have a space at home that can be used by different people for different purposes, then this could be nice way to make money. They would only be there when you are around, that would mean after work hours. A good example can be a rehearsal venue for music, dance or drama groups.


The truth of the matter is that there is an endless list of ideas for these types of jobs, but the major thing to look out for is the one that would be best for you. You alone know your schedule, your set of skills and your area of strength. Choose wisely and begin your journey into making extra money on the side.