A box truck also referred to as a straight truck or cube van is simply a truck that comes with a separate compartment for freight. This compartment is well demarcated from the front cab where the driver sits. Most often, there may be a sleeper bed or extra storage behind the driver, but it will depend on whether the truck is called a hotshot or expedited box truck.

Have it in mind that the size of a box truck allows this equipment to haul loads from 12,500 to 33,000 pounds based on Class 3- to Class 7-size trucks. These trucks are quite popular in urban areas because local trucking jobs are in high demand.

According to experts, their smaller engine size and footprint in comparison to a larger Class 8 big rig truck ensures that these trucks can navigate smaller roads. A good number of box trucks also carry a hydraulic lift. Note that a hydraulic lift, while it can be quite expensive, makes it very convenient to load and unload cargo.

Aside from the ease of loading/unloading that makes box trucks’ small size beneficial, have it in mind that their compact size also makes them far easier to maneuver, and this ensures that they can move on crowded highways with ease.

If you are considering doing things yourself, then you should consider renting a box truck for your upcoming move. Regardless of the services you want, you will want to know that you made the right choice by working with a reliable company that rents box trucks. While moving truck companies tend to offer similar services, each company brings to the market a unique experience and price range.

What is the Best Place to Rent a Box Truck for Moving in 2023?

While choosing a rental box truck company can seem straightforward, there are numerous factors to consider before making your final choice. Nonetheless, here are the top 5 places to rent a box truck for moving.

  1. U-Haul

This company remains one of the most notable names in moving truck rental. U-Haul sustains its reputation via its impeccable customer service, affordable rates, and extensive selection of additional services. Although a very popular moving truck company, this company is in many ways synonymous with DIY moving.

U-Haul outcompete competitors in two notable ways: availability and a sheer number of services. Boasting a network of over 21,000 locations, U-Haul offers more availability than any other moving truck company.

Note that anywhere you are, there’s without doubt one location near you, and this seems to be a big deal for two cognizant reasons: pricing and convenience. The company offers competitive pricing on a vast range of truck sizes and additional services.

U-Haul Truck Rental Sizes
  • 8-foot pickup truck
  • 9-foot cargo van
  • 10-foot box truck
  • 15-foot box truck
  • 17-foot box truck
  • 20-foot box truck
  • 26-foot box truck
  1. Penske

Penske Truck Rental is another moving truck provider in North America with locations all across the US and Canada. This company offers high-quality, low-emission trucks for rental. While it can be more expensive than some competitors, Penske makes available a wide range of additional services to guarantee your move goes well. In addition, their unlimited mileage is a wonderful benefit for interstate and cross-country moves.

While Penske only has a total of five truck sizes, it claims to have some of the newest trucks in the industry, and therefore a Penske truck would barely break down en-route. Coupled with its roadside assistance plan, Penske provides moving truck insurance plans.

Note that its Basic plan offers a Limited Damage Waiver (LDW); therefore you are not charged with damages that happen to your Penske equipment. More extensive coverage options include assistance with cargo damage and personal injuries.

Penske Truck Rental Sizes
  • 11-foot high-roof cargo van
  • 12-foot box truck
  • 16-foot box truck
  • 22-foot box truck
  • 26-foot box truck
  1. Home Depot

While U-Haul is renowned for moving, Home Depot is much more about home improvement. Note that this company is well recognized in its industry; boasts of numerous locations scattered across the nation, and also makes available almost every service you need to guarantee a successful move.

They also rent out moving trucks via their own Load ‘N Go pickup trucks and cargo vans at low rates, starting at $19 per hour. This is a great service for local and smaller moves.

Note that they also partner with Penske to make available larger trucks and long-distance moving services with a larger network. Home Depot’s Load N’ Go service includes rentals of flatbed trucks, cargo vans, and 14-foot box trucks.

Have it in mind that its F250 flatbed trucks are of good value if you have a studio apartment or don’t mind making multiple in-town trips using your unlimited miles. Home Depot expects that you use your car insurance in alignment with one of its Load ‘N Go vehicles.

Home Depot Truck Rental Sizes
  • F250 flatbed truck
  • 10-foot T250 flatbed truck
  • 9-foot cargo van
  • 14-foot moving box truck
  • 12-foot Penske box truck
  • 16-foot Penske box truck
  • 22-foot Penske box truck
  • 26-foot Penske box truck
  1. Budget

This is another wonderful option for local moves and moving truck rental services. Unlike Home Depot, Budget makes available a massive collection of moving trucks for local moves. And just like Penske, it offers ongoing deals and discounts on its website.

This includes discounts for students, seniors, military members, AARP members, police families, and more. Budget also offers PlatePass; an automated toll payment solution that lets you use toll gated lanes and cashless toll collection lanes with Budget’s vehicles.

With five moving truck sizes, Budget—like Penske—boasts of a small but satisfactory truck selection. Have it in mind that their truck sizes range from a cargo van all the way up to a 26-foot box truck which is as large as the biggest trucks offered by competitors. Budget is a well-known moving truck rental company that offers competitive prices, as well as assistance with loading, unloading, and packing through HireAHelper.

Budget Truck Rental Sizes
  • 11-foot cargo van
  • 12-foot box truck
  • 16-foot box truck
  • 26-foot box truck
  1. Enterprise

In addition to its car rental, Enterprise offers moving truck rentals. They are well-noted for providing one of the most extensive selections of truck sizes in the market. While they offer fewer additional services than some of its competitors like U-Haul, Enterprise offers standard moving truck rentals with competitive rates.

With 14 vehicle sizes ranging from pickup trucks to 26-foot box trucks that can rival any other company’s largest moving truck, this company will surely have the perfect size for your move, regardless of how much—or how little—stuff you are moving.

Enterprise Truck Rental Sizes
  • ½-ton pickup truck (6-foot and 8-foot beds available)
  • ¾-ton pickup truck (6-foot and 8-foot beds available)
  • 1-ton pickup truck (6.5-foot and 8-foot beds available)
  • 7-foot compact cargo van
  • 5-foot cargo van
  • 5-foot heavy-duty cargo van
  • 12-foot heavy-duty XL cargo van
  • 12-foot high-roof cargo van
  • 15-foot van parcel van
  • 16-foot cab-over truck
  • 16-foot stake-bed truck
  • 24-foot stake-bed truck
  • 24-foot box truck
  • 26-foot box truck