It is almost impossible to get Restaurant Depot membership without a business. The only way you can access Restaurant Depot without a business is if you can get day passes as an area KCBS member. You just have to go to the KCBS site and print out the RD page. You can join KCBS and can get a day pass through them.

You just print and take the instructions that KCBS has on their website to the person at the front of the store and show them your card and they will give you a day pass. Restaurant Depot offers memberships only to businesses. Note that once your membership is confirmed, you will receive your account number and temporary membership card via email.

You are at this point expected to just walk into the Restaurant Depot location you selected as your Preferred Store, where a permanent membership card with your assigned account number will be printed for you. Also note that you will be expected to make available your state business license and, if applicable, your sales tax permit or tax exemption certificate.

Can You Get Restaurant Depot Membership Without a Business? How Do You Qualify to Be an RD Member?

What is a Restaurant Depot Card?

A Restaurant Depot Card is a membership card used to shop at any Restaurant Depot location across the USA. Note that this membership card guarantees access to the free, members-only benefits in Restaurant Depot stores and also their website. With this card, you can check your purchase history online, search for products, build shopping lists, send feedback to the company, win a $100 gift certificate, and many more.

Restaurant Depot is a well-renowned Members-Only Wholesale Cash & Carry Foodservice Supplier that strives every day to become a one-stop-shop for savings, selection, and service, seven days a week for its members. From 1990, according to reports, this company has been partnering with independent food businesses and offering a vast range of quality products via large cash and carry warehouse stores.

This company is noted as a low-cost alternative to other food service suppliers since they eliminate the overhead of a traditional distributor, focusing more on the concise needs of independent food service operators and offering free membership. Note that you can easily open a Restaurant Depot membership account and get your membership card as long as you qualify for membership.

In the following states, you also need your FEIN: Connecticut, Indiana, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, if you intend to purchase beer, wine, or spirits, you may have to present your state license. Remember membership cards are not delivered via mail.

To qualify for a free membership account, on your first visit you will have to show a valid reseller’s permit (business license) or tax-exempt certificate (for a non-profit organization) and concise proof that you are permitted to purchase goods on behalf of your business or organization.

You will also need your FEIN in States like Connecticut, Indiana, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. If you do not have a business, you can shop with a day pass. Simply stop off at the Reception desk on your way in.

Pros and Cons of Having a Restaurant Depot Card

There are pros and cons associated with having a Restaurant Depot Card. Note that until you have weighed extensively each of these factors, you can’t make a well-informed decision. Here are the pros and cons of having a Restaurant Depot Card.


  • Massive Selection: They stock a vast range of brand names as well as their own quality brands.
  • One-stop Shopping: Aside from just saving money, Restaurant Depot Membership Card helps you save time. Note that they carry a vast range of inventory and almost everything you and your business will probably need, therefore you won’t have to make many stops to stock up on food and supplies.
  • No Minimum Purchase Required: Unlike most membership clubs in the United States, you do not have to buy in bulk to save at Restaurant Depot. Good deals are assured whether you buy one or fifty items.
  • Quick and Easy Shopping: Restaurant Depot ensures that you won’t waste time seeking products or calculating costs. Everything is well arranged and merchandised by category, and prices are very well displayed.
  • Low Prices: Restaurant Depot is renowned for its everyday low prices and monthly specials for extra savings.
  • Open Every Day: Since they are always open during convenient hours 7 days a week to serve members, having a membership card gives you shopping assurance except on New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.
  • Advertised Specials: Restaurant Depot keeps members updated about special pricing offers and events by direct mail and by email.


  • Limited locations. Although you can always find at least four to five major supermarket chains in your vicinity, there’s probably only one Restaurant Depot Store in your area. This can make it less convenient to shop especially when you are not close to your Preferred Store.
  • Coupon restrictions. Just like most other wholesale membership clubs, Restaurant Depot does not accept manufacturer coupons or run sales. Although Restaurant Depot offers low prices all year round, the restriction to using manufacturer coupons can be frustrating especially if you find a good coupon and want to use it to get an even lower price.
  • Mostly bulk purchases. Restaurant Depot Stores thrive on selling bulk items. Since they only offer memberships to businesses, you won’t just visit the store to buy a can of Pringles; a 12-pack of the chips might be more likely.

How Much Does a Restaurant Depot Card Cost?

Restaurant Depot Membership Card is free and only available to qualifying owners or operators of food businesses and non-profit organizations. Howbeit, to qualify you will have to apply for membership and also make available a valid reseller’s permit and tax-exempt certificate and proof that you are allowed to shop on behalf of the business or organization. You will also have to agree to comply with the store’s Terms and Conditions.

Can You Get a Restaurant Depot Card Without Being a Member?

Have it in mind that you can’t get a Restaurant Depot Membership Card without being a member. As a qualifying member of Restaurant Depot, you are only allowed to use your membership card for purchases that have to do with the operation of your business or non-profit organization.

Note that the membership card is not transferable to any other business, organization, or individual. Meanwhile, to shop at Restaurant Depot, you are expected to either be a member (which is available to food professionals only) or sign in as a guest.

To sign in as a guest, you just have to walk up to the front desk at the entrance of your Restaurant Depot location, and kindly request that they provide you with a guest pass. If available, they will print you a one-time use card, which also warrants that you check out once you’re done shopping.

Alternatives to Restaurant Depot

While Restaurant Depot remains a well-noted wholesale store, there are other foodservice supply stores similar to in products and services. These alternatives include;

  • KNG
  • Mission Restaurant Supply
  • Webstaurant Store
  • Sur la Table
  • io
  • LionsDeal
  • Vevor
  • FoodServiceDirect
  • WNA
  • LollicupStore
  • FIREDISC Cookers
  • Tiger Chef
  • KaTom Restaurant Supply
  • Unisan
  • Ace Mart Restaurant Supply
  • Vollrath
  • MTC Kitchen
  • Happy Chef
  • Voltage Restaurant Supply
  • DEI Equipment
  • Beverage Factory
  • Tundra Restaurant Supply
  • PlasticPlace
  • Dean Supply
  • Jes Restaurant Equipment
  • CKitchen
  • USA Equipment Direct
  • Arctic Air
  • BakeDecoKerekes
  • Culinary Classics
  • Gordon Food Service
  • Kitchen Restock
  • Kitchen Emporium
  • Modern Line Furniture
  • RetroPlanet
  • Parts Town
  • Restaurant Equipment Solutions
  • Admiral Craft
  • Central Restaurant
  • Prima Supply


Whether you are an aspiring baker, an up-and-coming chef, or a passionate restaurateur, Restaurant Depot Membership Card is something to consider owing to the numerous benefits it offers. However, note that Restaurant Depot is a membership-only warehouse club that is available to qualifying owners or operators of food businesses and non-profit organizations.

Membership is free as long as you present proof of business like a Business License, Certificate of Registration, Mayor’s Permit, tax-exempt certificate, Company Website, or Page on Facebook or Instagram.