A food truck indeed is a very interesting business venture, and irrespective of the number of trucks you have set up, it’s necessary you invest in the right materials to guarantee its success. Those materials can start with your food truck flooring choice.

Normal kitchen floors have a lot to deal with, but when it comes to a food truck floor, the potential perils are heightened. Owing to that, you must find a material that is durable, water- and stain-resistant, and easy to clean. You will also want the surface to be non-porous to guarantee that they do not absorb food juices and liquids, which tends to happen with surfaces like timber chopping boards and worktops.

Work surfaces should be cleaned quickly and easily and they should not harbor or support the growth of microbes. Just as with any kitchen surface, surfaces within your food truck need to be heat resistant, since hot cooking vessels (pots, pans, etc.) will be placed on worktops in your food truck.

There are numerous flooring options for your food truck, however, there are very few that are durable enough. Nonetheless, here are the top options to consider.

What is the Best Flooring for Food Truck?

  1. Sheet Vinyl Flooring

This is indeed a viable option to consider as it gives your food truck an attractive, unique look. It also offers you the opportunity to design patterned floors that are also durable and easy to maintain. This flooring option is known to come with soft backing for heightened comfort underfoot. In addition, this type of vinyl flooring is quite convenient to install. You just have to roll it out and it will smoothen out under its weight.

  • Easy to install
  • A true bargain for food truck flooring.
  • Assorted styles
  • Durability
  • Low cost of maintenance
  • Cost of replacement
  • Zero chemical resistant
  1. Rubber Food Truck Flooring

Owing to its extreme durability, this sort of flooring remains an ideal choice for food trucks. Note that it will protect your subfloor from heavy equipment while also supporting your joints. This flooring is also slip-resistant and guarantees you will always have good traction and footing while cooking inside your food truck.

In addition, it comes with a low maintenance cost. After a day of hard work, you only need to sweep off any loose dirt, then wipe with water and soap to do away with any tough spills, and then let it dry.

  • Rubber flooring offers good traction and footing while working, even when wet.
  • Immune to mold, mildew, fungal, and bacterial growth.
  • Rubber is known to be a highly resilient material that can withstand the weight of heavy equipment, and this entails a long-lasting truck floor.
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Eco-friendly
  • Rubber flooring can be costly
  • Rubber smell
  1. Vinyl Rolls

This flooring made from 100% premium grade polyvinyl (PVC) remains one of the best options to consider for your food truck flooring. It is noted for being flexible, durable, and chemical resistant, and can handle spills and more.

While it comes in a wide range of textures such as diamond tread plate, coin, and ribbed, they all offer a slip-resistant surface that is comfortable and durable. In addition, they’re available in a wide array of colors that will give your food truck flooring some extra style.

  • Can easily be rolled out
  • Are conveniently priced
  • Makes walking on your food truck flooring more convenient
  • The resilient materials protect the subfloor and are designed to last through heavy-duty use.
  • Tough against most chemicals
  • Stain-resistance
  • Affordable and easy maintenance
  • They are comfortable to stand on for very long periods.
  • High cost of replacement
  • Possibility of getting damaged under heavy objects
  1. Soft PVC Tile Flooring

These floorings are made from the same PVC as the vinyl garage rolls, and this entails that they are also flexible, durable, and chemical resistant. However, this flooring tends to be personalized and you can pick from various colors and create your patterns.

You can also replace a section of your flooring if part of it becomes damaged without having to change the whole layout. You only have to pull up the affected tile and replace it with a new one. You can also find them in coin, diamond, textured, and smooth patterns for various looks and top-notch anti-slip surfaces.

  • The PVC material can withstand stains, dirt, and heavy use.
  • They come in a vast range of colors and surface textures
  • Maintaining soft PVC tile is super simple
  • Designed to withstand chemical stains.
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable and a great deal for the quality.
  • Can get damaged under heavy objects
  1. Anti-Fatigue Food Truck Flooring

Just as the name implies, these mats are built to help do away with fatigue from standing on a hard surface for long periods. Have it in mind that the foam material is shock absorbent and will offer a cushion for your feet.

Also, note that they are slip-resistant and these mats can create some of the most unique and enticing food truck floorings. In addition, anti-fatigue mats come in a wide range of sizes. Therefore, you can put down a small-sized anti-fatigue mat wherever you stand/work the most.

  • Allow for better blood circulation, reducing fatigue from standing
  • Reduces the effects of standing on hard surfaces on joints and legs
  • Help reduce compression of the spinal cord and reduce poor posture and back pain.
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Very easy to move to wherever they’re needed.
  • Not exactly a trend for your modern kitchen
  • Rubber smell

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Floor Type for Food Truck

To ensure you make the right decision when it comes to your flooring, there are certain features to consider when choosing a floor type for your food truck.

  1. Easy Installation

If you intend to install the flooring yourself, then you must consider the ease of installation of the product and ensure that it is designed for a simple installation. A good number of products can be installed without using an adhesive, and this will most definitely save you money and time.

Also, take into consideration how convenient it will be to cut a product to fit your truck dimensions. For instance, if you’re looking for a 16×8 or 5×8 foot flooring piece, then you may have to cut down an 18 ft. or 20 ft. roll to fit.

  1. Durability

Have in mind that the floor of your food truck will have a lot to deal with, especially in high-traffic areas like in front of the stove or the service window. It is imperative that any flooring you choose should be durable enough to contend with this intense use.

Aside from being strong and reliable, it should be able to deal with the harsh elements it’s exposed to. Oil and grease are known to degrade flooring materials, therefore consider that when choosing a product that’s ideal for use in your food truck environment.

  1. Shock Absorption and Cushion

Since you will be spending long hours on your feet preparing food and serving customers, you must go for flooring that helps to absorb shock and cushions your feet. Always aim for a forgiving product, well-designed with anti-fatigue properties, to ensure you remain as comfortable as possible all day long.

  1. Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

When searching or considering the most ideal flooring for your food truck, you must go for a product you can sweep and mop both during and after service, to ensure that your food truck stays hygienic and safe.

Although you can mop or wipe down your flooring while it’s in place, also take into consideration how easy it is to remove. Also, aim for an entirely waterproof product. Spills will most definitely happen in a food truck, and a waterproof product is easy to mop or clean at the end of the day.

  1. Traction

This is a very important factor to consider, especially when you’re dealing with grease and the spills that will most definitely occur during food preparation. You should consider a textured floor surface because it can help to prevent slips and falls, keeping you and your staff safe. Aside from traction when dry, it’s also noteworthy that you choose the flooring that can maximize your traction when it’s also wet.


The best flooring for your food truck will most definitely depend on the priorities you have for your business. Howbeit, when you’re working in a food truck, always remember you will be standing for long periods. Keep tweaking things until you find a model and design that best suit your ideas. To properly serve your customers, ensure your food truck has a viable layout and is customized to reflect your brand.