Food trucks need running water to carry out their daily activities. The water is needed for dishwashing, food preparation, and general cleaning. If a food truck doesn’t have running water, it will most likely seek ways to haul fresh water to the truck, and this can be quite challenging, expensive, and time-consuming.

To cater to their water needs, food trucks often have a freshwater system that includes a water pump. This water pump is used to move the water from the tank to the sink system and faucet. Note that this water pump does not just force water through the piping system, but it can also regulate the water pressure.

It simply entails that you can easily reduce the pressure to consume less water per minute and increase the pressure to get things done faster. Most often, a food truck water pump is designed with two ports; an inlet and an outlet. Once the truck pump is up and running, the diaphragm gives way and draws in the water from the storage tank to the inlet port.

As the water flows through the pump, the diaphragm contracts to force the water through the outlet or discharge line at a higher pressure. The pressurized water then flows into the piping system which is connected to sink faucets.

When looking to choose a water pump for your food truck, it is pertinent you choose a pump that is compatible with the water tank of your food truck, as some pumps may not be able to handle the weight of a full tank of water, and a mistakenly chosen pump can pull down the entire water system of the truck.

Installing the right water pump for your food truck is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. To ensure you make the right decision, here are top water pumps to consider for your food truck.

Best Food Truck Water Pump and Their Prices

  1. Camplux 12V Water Pump

This is a reliable and low-budget option to consider for your truck. Aside from costing less than most pumps on this list, this pump can deliver 1.2 gallons of water per minute at 35 PSI of pressure.

In addition, it comes with an automatic switch that turns on the pump as soon as you switch the tap; and this works to reduce the pump’s power consumption. Also, note that the water pump’s body is made out of plastic but the mounting feet are fitted with rubber to limit the vibrations.

  • $26.99 on Amazon
  1. Shurflo A65 12V RV Water Pump

According to reviews, this SHURflo water pump comes with a self-priming feature that guarantees that it can supply water consistently even if the source is running low, and this means that you can run dry without sustaining damage.

Owing to its automated variable pump cycle, this pump also makes less noise and you won’t have to operate it longer than necessary. In addition, it can shut down automatically if it gets too hot to avoid a fire breakout.

  • $59.20 on Amazon
  1. Bayite 12V DC Fresh Water Pump

This is another top option to look into especially if you want a compact water pump for your truck that won’t consume too much power. Note that it weighs just 400 grams, can pump 1.2 gallons of water per minute, and can deliver up to 85 PSI of pressure. These numbers mean that you won’t have to bother about inconsistent flow rates. Additionally, it features a self-priming function that will keep the water flowing when the tank is low.

  • $20.95 on Amazon
  1. Flojet Triplex Diaphragm Automatic Water System Pump

Have in mind that this water system pump is built with three chambers diaphragm to stabilize the pressure and ensure it works with less noise. It also features properly designed sound-absorbing mounts and snap-in port fittings to ensure the pump stays quiet while running.

By only requiring 12 volts of electricity to run, you won’t have to bother about draining your battery with this water pump. Also note this pump can deliver 2.9 gallons per minute at 50 PSI of pressure and this is more than enough for your food truck.

  • $49.95 on Amazon
  1. Remco 55 Aquajet Water Pump

If you have multiple sinks or faucets, then you should consider this water pump as it was built to ensure that water pressure remains consistent. It also comes with a variable speed feature that will automatically adjust its flow rate and speed to suit your water requirements.

It is also quiet and won’t consume so much power. It also comes with a high-performance 12V motor with low voltage protection, a thermal protector, and a maximum pressure bypass that protects your truck’s plumbing system.

  • $236.95 on Amazon
  1. Shurflo 2088 Series 12V Water Pump

This water pump comes with a flow rate of 3.5 gallons per minute and consistent 45 PSI pressure. Most notably, it can self-prime up to 9 vertical feet; and it can be mounted at any angle. According to reports, it is built with a permanent magnet and if it gets too hot, it will shut down automatically. Additionally, it can be used to pump warm water as long as it doesn’t exceed 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • $134.51 on Amazon
  1. ECO-WORTHY 110V High-Pressure Water Pump

With a flow rate of 4.5 gallons per minute, this water pump is well noted as one of the highest volume water supply options to consider. This pump will turn on automatically once you open the tap and switch off immediately after you shut the faucet.

It is also designed with rubber-mounted feet to tone down the noise and vibrations. It also comes with a filter that helps to remove impurities before supplying the water. However, note that it consumes more power than an average 12V RV pump.

  • $69.99 on Amazon
  1. DC HOUSE 42-Series Upgrade Water Diaphragm Pressure Pump

One very notable factor that sets this pump apart is its adjustability in pressure. It features a high-pressure capacity of 40-80PSI and owing to a well-designed inbuilt pressure switch, it automatically adjusts the optimum PSI to suit your immediate needs.

With this high PSI pressure, you can easily attain a water flow of 5 GPM, and the noise that is produced while operating is also encouragingly low. This pump also comes with a 4-year warranty period that buttresses how much the company trusts its product.

  • $59.99 on Amazon
  1. SEAFLO Water Diaphragm Self Priming Pump

This water pump is well renowned for its powerful 45 PSI capacity that will meet your water supply needs completely. You can also expect a decent water flow of 3.0 GPM rating and you will not get disappointed when you look at the speed of water while using the motor. Aside from coming with rust protection as well, it’s a self-priming motor that can easily deal with the dry run load. You also get four long years of replaceable warranty with it.

  • $38.99 on Amazon
  1. Lippert Components 12V Flow Max Water Pump

The durability of this water pump is a standard to beat. During the testing phase, this motor pump worked perfectly during five two-hour cycles. However, the Lipper remains one of the most durable pumps you can find on the market.

It is also a self-priming water pump, built with a screen filter, and features a powerful water flow of 3 gallons per minute. Its outer body is designed properly as well. The high-grade steel guarantees that the health of the pump will not be impacted by the external environment of the area. In addition, the body is completely rust protected.

  • $71.95 on Walmart

Different Types of Mobile Water Pump for Food Truck

There are two types of water pumps you will find in the market today for your food truck. They are both different and work to meet different needs. Below are these two water pump types;

  1. 12 Volt Water Pumps

This is the most common type of water pump for food trucks available in the market today. It also comes standard in most trucks and mobile homes. Have it in mind that the pressure in these water pumps is adequate for food trucks that have lighter water needs. They will get the job done and ensure you always get enough water at the same time. They are also not that expensive and won’t eat much into your water and electric bills.

  1. 24 Volt Water Pumps

If your food truck requires more than the normal water pressure, then you have to go for a 24V water pump. However, note that these are more commonly found in bigger trucks and vendors with a massive need for water. These water pumps will provide high flow to your water outlets and they are noted to be more reliable. Since they need more power to run, you should expect to spend more on water and electricity.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Food Truck Water Pump

Truth be told, there are so many worthy options to choose from when seeking a water pump for your food truck. To help you make the ideal choice, here are factors to consider when buying a food truck water pump.

  1. Gallon Per Minute (GPM)

You must take into consideration the gallons of water the pump can deliver in one minute. A good number of pumps in the market discharge a flow rate of 1 GPM to 4 GPM. A pump with a high GPM (gallon per minute) will supply a consistent flow of water to more faucets simultaneously.

But note that the higher the GPM, the more power you will need to operate the pump. Howbeit, if the pump delivers a low GPM, you might not be able to run multiple faucets at the same time. Most often, the best water pumps for your truck should be able to supply 3 or 4 gallons per minute; anything more than that and you risk draining your battery too quickly.

  1. Size

This is another top option to consider especially since you want your choice to fit in your designated truck space. To ensure you get the right measurement and not make mistakes, start by measuring the space where you want to install it.

Depending on your food truck model, you may have varying spaces to install the water pump and it could be anywhere from the water basement storage area, somewhere beneath the sink, under the cabinets, or near the water heater. Note that the standard 12-volt water pump comes with a compact design that ensures that it can easily fit in most truck rigs.

  1. Voltage

Just as was noted above, there are two types of water pumps in the market: 12-volt and 24-volt units. 12-volt water pumps are most often used in most trucks and motor homes because they utilize less power.

However, if your truck will need more water pressure, you can decide to go for a 24-volt pump; although it will require more maintenance than a 12-volt water pump. In addition, don’t forget that a 24-volt water pump will increase your water and electrical bill.

  1. Pounds per Square Inch (PSI)

Unlike the GPM that measures the flow rate, the PSI (pounds per square inch) is more concerned with the water pressure. Have it in mind that the piping systems of most trucks are designed to carry around 40 and 70 PSI, therefore make sure you go for a water pump within that scale.

You can damage your plumbing system by using a water pump with a higher PSI than your plumbing system can handle. However, if you settle for a water pump with less than 40 PSI, your water pressure can be quite discouraging.

  1. Noise Level

For the sake of your peace of mind, you should consider buying a water pump that comes with noise dampening material and a low vibration mount. Have in mind there are truck water pumps designed with a 5 chamber diaphragm to guarantee little or no noise. Howbeit, note that you can help minimize the noise and vibrations during installation by sliding padded foam under the pump before you mount it.

  1. Self-Priming and Thermal Protection

Keep in mind that your food truck will always move around with a limited water source, therefore you must choose a pump that can deliver water from the tube; especially if the supply is almost depleted. Note that the self-priming feature will ensure your pump doesn’t damage when the water runs out. Also, look for a pump that has a thermal protection feature that helps to prevent a fire breakout.


A food truck needs a lot of water – from 50 to 100 gallons per day, depending on the area and niche. Note that keeping your water system running smoothly is very vital to the success of your food truck business. Owing to that, water pumps remain one of the most critical components of your food truck.

Consider finalizing some of the water pumps according to your needs by looking at the list above. Also, check the wattage to ensure your pump will be compatible with your generator.