The cost to get a mobile spray tanning business license will range from around $70-$100, however, this will vary from one state to another. Most often, this license is acquired through an application process with your local county office or with your state Department of Business and Professional Registration.

However, while obtaining your business license may seem like a daunting task, ensure to take it step by step (or outsource it to someone else to do it for you) and before you realize it, you will be well on your way to economic independence.

In states like California and Texas, there are no industry-specific licenses required for entrepreneurs looking to start this sort of business. As of 2022, only Oregon and Ohio mandate anyone who directly applies spray tans to customers to obtain additional certification.

Note that by not requiring cosmetology school certificates or acquiring hours of training, the industry provides an unlimited platform for career changers and entrepreneurs. However, the lack of structure in the industry can also make it challenging for newcomers to grasp the ropes.

Although you won’t be renting retail space, you will have to obtain a business license. Business licenses can be quite cheap to obtain and you must have one. Every state has varying guidelines and regulations for each license and you need to be conversant with these guidelines in your area. Also note that the sooner your license is on file, the sooner you can start making money.

Some of the necessary documents you will be expected to present include your potential business address and telephone number(s), your business name and trader name (if they differ), and your taxpayer identification number. You can also consider the franchise route especially since it would allow you to obtain a temporary business license without much hassle.

Other Licenses You Need for a Mobile Spray Tanning Business Plus How and Where to Apply for the License?

A mobile spray tanning business license is one of the numerous legal documents required when looking to establish your business legally. Each license and permit serves a specific purpose for the business and will be required to operate a spray tanning business in the United States. These licenses include;

  1. Business License

In most places, anyone looking to venture into the beauty business is expected to obtain a business license. This license allows the owner to conduct business associated with the salon. This license indicates that the mobile tanning salon has been legally recognized by the state to conduct business.

How and Where to Apply

To apply for your business license, you can visit The U.S. Small Business Administration. You will only have to fill out a form with your social security number and profession. This license will cost around $100, but the cost can range from $50 to $400. An additional processing fee of about $25 can also be added.

  1. Esthetician License

While this may not be necessary, you must research your state and county to know if you need this license. In States like Oregon and Ohio, anyone who directly applies spray tans to customers is expected to obtain this license and some other necessary certifications. People with this sort of cosmetology license tend to carry out skin care treatments.

How and Where to Apply

The Board of Cosmetology in every state in the US licenses and regulates cosmetologists, nail specialists, facial specialists, full specialists, hair braiders, hair wrappers, body wrappers, cosmetology salons, and mobile salons. The requirements for obtaining this license vary by state but is depended on the completion of certain hours in a cosmetology school.

  1. Seller Permit

In most places, you will be required to have a specific permit to sell some of the products you carry. A seller’s permit typically does not cost anything; however, you may be expected to place a security deposit to cover any unpaid taxes in case the business closes. The amount of the deposit will be determined at the time of application.

How and Where to Apply

You can find out what the requirements are in your state at The U.S. Small Business Administration website. You can also speak with your city’s Chamber of Commerce to find out about the specific permit requirements in your location.

  1. Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)

An employer identification number, or EIN, is a nine-digit number assigned to your business by the IRS and will be required when filing your business’s income tax return or payroll tax return.

You will also need this number when opening a business bank account, applying for a business credit card, or applying for a business loan. You should apply for an EIN when you first launch your mobile spray tanning business, but you can also apply when it’s time for tax or to submit a business loan application.

How and Where to Apply

The IRS provides numerous options to apply for EIN. You can choose to apply online, by fax, or by mail. Applicants who are currently not in the United States but are seeking to immigrate to the U.S. for business purposes can also choose to apply by phone.

For all U.S.-based applicants, the online application is the easiest and fastest method. For the online application, the IRS’ online EIN assistant offers an easy step-by-step form. The online application is available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. EST.

  1. Insurance

Although not a license, adequate insurance is a necessity when looking to start a mobile spray tanning business. Even with your hours of training and practicing, have in mind there are still risks that come with being a mobile professional spray tanner.

Acquiring spray tanning insurance provides a financial safety net so you can do what you love with peace of mind. Spray tanning insurance safeguards you and your business against potential liability claims. These types of claims may include bodily injury, property damage, allergic reaction to the spray tan chemicals, and more.

How and Where to Apply

To get the exact insurance you need for your mobile salon, reach out or request free insurance quotes online with companies like Hiscox. You only have to fill out a simple questionnaire and they will provide the exact cost of your insurance policy.


To start any new business, one of the vital things you are expected to do is to obtain your business license. Opening a mobile spray tanning business is no different. Many states’ fees are anywhere from $50 to $100.

Note that anyone can obtain a business license as long as they have the requested qualifications and documentation. Expect to spend at least $2,000 to obtain all the necessary licenses you need to run this business. If you already have an Esthetician License, the additional license costs should be less than $500.