Yes. You can start a clothing line with no money. While starting a clothing line with no money can be very difficult, have it in mind that the advent of eCommerce and online marketing has made it very possible to start one and grow it into a household name.

The best way to start a clothing line with no money is to leverage the print-on-demand method. With this model, you pay for products only when a customer orders something.

What is a Print-On-Demand Business?

A print-on-demand business is a process where you contract with a supplier of white-label products to customize products and sell them on a per-order basis under your own brand and with your own designs. This is an order fulfillment method where items are designed or printed as soon as an order is made, and there are usually no minimum order requirements.

Have it in mind that print-on-demand services offer a very convenient way to avoid the time, investment, and risk that come with managing inventory. You won’t have to pay for the cost of the product until after you must have sold it, therefore there’s no need to buy in bulk or hold any inventory yourself.

In addition, note that everything after the sale, from digital printing, to order fulfillment and shipping, will fall on your supplier. Once you’ve set everything up, it takes just a few clicks to fulfill an order after you must have made a sale. At this point, the supplier will have to print the design on a product before sending it.

Steps to Start a Clothing Line With No Money

Just as was noted above, the print-on-demand method is a sure way to start a clothing line without money and also see a return on your minimal investment even faster. Outlined below is a detailed guide to help you.

  1. Choose your niche

You need to understand that every successful and creative idea stems from someone noting a need in the market. While you might feel that almost everything has already been catered for, there is still much to do as long as you can get creative.

Owing to that, your first step when looking to start a clothing line with no money is to first find your niche. Note that by focusing on a specific target audience, you can easily promote your brand, and make it more affordable. It also means less competition, higher brand value, and customer loyalty.

  1. Create a unique design

To ensure that you can make sales, it is imperative you connect with your target audience. Regardless of the technique, you prefer — DTG or AOP — it needs to look great, especially in the eyes of your target audience.

You will need to bring something different to the market, something that your potential customers will find new and exciting. Don’t be scared to branch out into other products too, if you’re dangerously close to what everyone else is doing. Print-on-demand businesses can offer a massive range of merchandise.

  1. Choose the print-on-demand service

Have it in mind that companies like Printful and Teespring are the bedrock of any print-on-demand business. Just like a website host, don’t forget that each comes with its own pros and cons.

Owing to that, ensure to know the cut they take from your sale, the turn-around for production, and any reviews from other business partners that you can find. You’ll have to carefully consider the ones you choose based on the products you intend to make, where you will be shipping them, and the retail prices you intend to offer, among other factors.

  1. Get samples

You must verify the quality of the products when you’re using print-on-demand services. You want to be certain that the physical product looks and feels as you intended, and the most genuine way to do that is to be your own customer and experience first-hand what it’s like to receive your products.

A good number of print-on-demand services offer a sample discount of up to 20% off or free shipping. Aside from validating the quality of the product, samples ensure that you can take your own product photos for your website and social media profiles.

  1. Create mockups that show off your products

Although models can help you take very good photos of your products, mockups are also a very viable alternative and will be a vital part of your product pages. A good number of print-on-demand services allow you to create your own mockups, showcasing your products on a person or as a flat lay. Howbeit, there are also other services and numerous free mockup templates that can also help you bring your products to life.

  1. Make a website

Have in mind that you will need a website before you can start selling, and you should always ensure that your website is mobile-optimized. Have it in mind that your potential clients will want to scroll through things while they’re waiting, and you wouldn’t want to lose business because they couldn’t navigate your site.

A good number of fashion entrepreneurs prefer to use Shopify or other eCommerce platforms. However, ensure to evaluate your options extensively and only work with the one that suits your business plan and budget and will allow you to scale up fast.

  1. Create a business social media account

In this current age, social media marketing is a necessity for any print-on-demand business. You will need to create a business account on the platforms that your audience uses the most. Also remember to be strategic in the content you post, especially since this will be where customers will find you. Also, take into consideration the power of inculcating eCommerce videos into your socials.