No, you cannot shop at Cosmoprof without a license. All Cosmoprof locations are strictly for “professionals only” and they are not open to the general public. Cosmoprof is a well-respected distributor, not a retail store.

Licensed cosmetologists, barbers, massage therapists, beauty students, and business owners in these fields are allowed to shop there. When registering for an account with Cosmoprof, you will be expected to provide a copy of your professional license, business license, or student ID either in-store or online.

If you are imagining why professional products tend to be so costly in shops and salons, that is because the discounted price at Cosmoprof is also very high. Considering factors like time spent to purchase, stock and inventory products, spillage, expiration, theft, sales commissions, donations, giveaways, and discounts, the businesses where they are available are not making that much profit in products.

Cosmoprof boasts of the largest selection of salon professional products across all categories with exclusive products only available at Cosmoprof. To enroll in-store, a Cosmoprof store associate will have to first validate your professional license, business license, or student ID.

To register online, you will be requested to upload a photo of your license, business credentials, or student ID during the application process. You are also expected to reside in the US, Canada, or Puerto Rico, and will also be asked to comply with distribution and anti-diversion agreements. Note that you will receive a temporary card on the screen, and a permanent card will be mailed to you.

Cosmoprof Membership Privileges

  • Shop at any one of over 1200 Cosmoprof® stores
  • 24/7 mobile-friendly online shopping
  • Tax Prep – Total order history in your profile
  • Manage communication preferences
  • Access to over 26,000 products
  • Access/enroll in classes and shows
  • Trends, techniques, and community inspiration in the Blog

Steps to Create Your Cosmoprof Profile & Start Shopping

  • Ensure you have your zip/postal code handy and enter both as shown
  • Click on the Login link, and start registration using the “register for web access” fields.
  • Complete the process by entering an email and password.
  • Accept the Anti-Diversion policy, choose your communication preferences and you’re done!

Key Details about Cosmoprof

Just like it was stated above, Cosmoprof boasts of having the largest selection of salon professional products across all categories with exclusive products only available at Cosmoprof. In addition, they offer a vast range of equipment, tools, and supplies for all business types from the best-known manufacturers. Here are top details to know about Cosmoprof

  1. Stores

The company boasts of having over 1,200 stores across North America in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. These stores are fully staffed with the most talented, sales-focused, and customer-oriented experts in the beauty industry.

Designed to be different from the normal retail environment, all Cosmoprof stores are bright, colorful, and beautifully merchandised, serving as a haven for all customers to shop and learn in a place where the store personnel understands what it entails.

  1. Salon Consulting

Cosmoprof also has Sales Consultants who are road warriors, some with territories that spread across more than one state with the sole aim of maximizing a salon’s profits by advising on promotional ideas, retailing, and offering classes to ensure that salon professionals stay up to date on the latest trends in the industry. The job of these professionals includes visiting numerous locations every day and also passing on vital information to employees and store managers.

  1. Distribution Centre

Have it in mind that all Cosmoprof Distribution Centres serve as “hubs of hustle” as they process thousands of orders every day from across North America for both customers and stores. By leveraging automated, computer-based technology, they pick products for orders or store inventory, box up shipments, and load trucks for delivery to hundreds of thousands of locations, all in a happy, fast-paced environment.

  1. Corporate

Note that Cosmoprof Corporate Office is situated in Denton, Texas and this is where creative, innovative minds work together to create programs and concepts that not only contribute to the success of Cosmoprof but support, encourage, and motivate the teams in the field so they can offer the best service and best products the beauty industry has to offer.


Cosmoprof remains one of the leading distributors of salon products to Licensed Professionals in the beauty industry. Note that with over 1,200 stores and 800 salon consultants, Cosmoprof remains a perfect location for professional hair, skin, and nail products, supplies, and equipment in all categories from top manufacturers. With over 25,000 products in stock, Cosmoprof offers products across all categories.