Do you want to take advantage of the forthcoming Valentine season to make quick and easy cash? If YES, here are 10 best craft ideas to sell on Valentine’s day. The Valentine’s Day, also known as lover’s day is held annually on the 14th day of February.

On that day lovers around the world spend quality time together to renew their vows and exchange gifts. As a smart person, you can take good advantage of that period and cash in some good money.

This article will be based on ten crafts ideas or business ideas you can start to make money during the valentine period. However, you must bear in mind that any business you are starting just for the valentine period will have to be a short term business, as this kind of business is a seasonal business.

Best Craft ideas to Sell on Valentine’s Day and Make Money

1. Design Valentine Cards

One of the simplest and lovely gift a lover can get for his/her partner for the valentine’s day is a card with lovely love poems or messages on it. If you are creative enough and you have an idea of how to put together very lovely cards, then you can make much profits from designing cards for customs during valentine period.

You can give your customers the option of designing customer made card with a poem of their choice written inside the card for an extra fee.

2. Sell Flowers

Flowers, both artificial and natural flower sell like mad during the Valentine’s Day. You can choose to buy flowers in bulk and design it to form beautiful bouquets. If you can get hold of natural flower, it will be better because people are likely to pay more for natural flowers that can be placed inside water than artificial flowers.

3. Take Photography with Lovely Backgrounds

If you have a thing for photography, you can cash in a lot of money during valentine period. You can opt to add some love inspired backgrounds on the picture while the lovebirds are holding hands together; this will give the pictures a more intimate effect.

4. Open a Romantic Gift Shop

You can open a temporary store that will be stored with very romantic gift items like jeweleries, tee shirts, rings and other intimate items that you think lovers may need to make their valentine a memorable one. In order to make much profit, you can order for these items ways ahead of the valentine period; maybe during the black Friday sales. As long as the items will not expire, you are bound to make huge profits from sales.

5. Sell Chocolates Candies and Teddy Bears

Companies that manufacture chocolates and candies make over double the profits they make for the rest of the year just during the valentine’s period. You can take advantage of this by purchasing chocolates and candies in bulk quantities and sell in small quantities on the Valentine’s Day.

Also, every girl’s best friend is a teddy bear, that they can hug and tell their deepest secrets; and any man who is trying to warm his warm into the heart of a woman should know that teddy bear is a must on valentine’s day. You can package these three items together in a hamper and sell for a much higher price.

6. Candle Light Dinner

If you already run a restaurant, this idea will work best for you. You can give your restaurant a romantic feel for the night by offering a candle light dinner for two at each table with the best cuisines you offer. Make provision for reservation so that couples can call well ahead of time to reserve a space for the evening. You can add more touch of romance by paying a musician to come sing slow love songs.

7. Manufacture and Sell Scented Candles

Some couples may not like to go a restaurant to have a romantic dinner. One of the couples may opt to prepare a home made dinner and invite the other partner over to come spend sometime with him or her.

Scented candles are needed to complete such romantic dinners. Where you come in is that you can produce or buy scented candles in bulk and sell. If you are the one manufacturing the candle, you ensure that the scent is not repulsive, so that it will not produce offensive smell when lit in a room.

8. Offer to Wrap Gifts for a Fee

Everybody loves to keep their partner guessing what is inside the package until it’s time to unwrap the gifts. That is why wrapping is one service that will boom during the valentine’s period because not everybody have the patience sit down and meticulously wrap a gift for their partner or spouse, when they can pay a small fee to get it done.

You can also sell wrapping papers with romantic or love drawings on them; and if you are fast enough in handling the wrapping job, you can use this service to make some real money during the valentine’s period.

9. Organize a Valentine’s Event or Get Together

You don’t need to be a professional event planner to make money with this idea as long as you have the capital to do so. The whole idea is to pay for a cushy area for a night’s valentine’s event.

There must be time for romantic slow dance, you can offer finger foods and lots of wine in the event; while you hire someone to come entertain your guest with good music, jokes or any other things that will make the event worth the fee that was paid by your guests.

10. Valentine Love Song as Caller Tune

The major part of the valentine’s day will be occupied with the lovers calling each other until they are able to meet up may be later in the day.

If you can compose a cool love song and unload it in any of the caller tune sites around; you can make tones of money as there will be a heavy download of love songs as caller tunes; as lovers will want to entertain their partners or spouse with the caller tune until they get to meet up for the day.