Do you want to make quick cash this coming Easter season but lack business ideas? If YES, here are 50 sure ways to make money fast this Easter season. As Christians all over the world prepare to celebrate Easter, which signifies the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ; smart entrepreneurs like me are already positioned to make some cool extra cash this Easter.

If you are anything like the smart entrepreneurs, you would spend most of your time brainstorming for ideas on how to make money from anything; occasions and holidays, problems people face, things people need, etc. The Easter season offers great opportunities for making lots of money while people continue with the celebrations.

All you need to tap into these opportunities is a little money and some marketing skills. Without wasting time, here are ten small business ideas to make money with during the Easter season:

50 Sure Ways to Make Money Fast This Easter Season

1. Ice Cream Stand: There are usually a lot of parties and children’s events hosted around the Easter season. You can make money from selling Ice-cream during this period. You could sell your merchandise from a fancy ice-cream truck or an ice-cream bicycle if you cannot afford to buy or rent a truck. You can also consider adding juice and smoothies to your product catalog so that the adults can also get something and your revenue can easily be doubled.

2. Easter Retreat: Easter is synonymous with retreats. During this time the schools are usually on holiday and there’s usually a long Easter weekend with the Good Friday and Easter Monday Holidays so many people use this time to attend retreats that would help them relax. You can make good money from organizing one of such retreats.

3. Pest Control: A lot of people also take advantage of the holidays when they would be away, to decontaminate their homes of pests so you can consider distributing or doing a social media campaign a few weeks before Easter, encouraging people to fumigate their homes while they would be away on Easter holidays. You’ll definitely get a lot of people to patronize you.

4. Children’s Party: If you can’t organize a retreat, you can consider organizing children’s parties. A lot of parents enjoy taking their children to parties during the Easter holidays and you can earn a lot of profits from selling tickets for these parties. Don’t forget to be creative with your party because there is likely to be many of such parties but as long as your party stands out from the bunch, you won’t find it hard to get people to patronize you.

5. Gift Wrapping: Another service that can earn you some quick bucks around Easter is to set up a gift wrapping stand outside a gift store or supermarket without its own gift wrapping service. Many people who buy gifts have no idea about how to wrap them neatly, and they would happily pay for a not-so-expensive gift wrapping service that can take the stress off them.

6. Fun Egg Hunt: Egg hunting is a fun activity during Easter. You can make money from organizing a fun egg hunt that people can pay to participate in.

7. Movie Rentals: Binge-watching movies is one of the ways that people get through the long Easter weekend. You can buy some of the hottest movie flicks around that period, and rent it to people for a fee.

8. Gift Baskets/Hampers: Another business idea is to sell gift baskets and hampers to people who want to offer gifts to their family and friends.

9. Massage Services: Massage services can also make you some good money during the Easter holidays. Mobile massage services particularly sell well during this period because many people take advantage of the holidays to relax and rejuvenate.
10. Baked Goodies: Cakes, cookies, candies, and all kinds of desserts; these are things that children and adults love to enjoy during festive seasons and holidays and Easters are no exception.

11. Personal Holiday Shopper: If you live in a large city, this is a smart business idea you can make quick money from. There are usually long queues and heavy traffic jams around the city during the holidays and many people prefer to stay home than to go on stressful shopping trips. You can take the stress off them by offering personal shopping services; you can help them get what they need, and they pay you for taking the stress off them.

12. Pop-up Stores: You can open pop-up stores in popular retail malls or shopping centers to sell your merchandise. You can take advantage of the heavy foot traffic in shopping malls around the season to sell your goods. The good thing is that you can sell anything from children’s items to snacks, jewelries, makeup, and even items that you sell in your brick and mortar stores but want to create more awareness for.

13. Event Planner: All these parties happening during Easter mostly require the help of professional event planners to put them together. Use your research skills to find out which companies organize events and parties during this period and hone your marketing skills to sell your services to them and get them to patronize you.

14. Children’s Wear: Children’s wears also sell fast around this period. You can make money from designing your own brand of children’s wears for sale, or buy and retail from other brands.

15. Vegetable Sales: Vegetable salads are a popular delicacy around the Easter season. You can start growing your vegetables around January so that you can harvest them for sale during the Easter season.

16. Pet Grooming: The pets are not left out of the holiday fun too. Many pet parents would need grooming services during this period so you should consider coming up with juicy offers to get them patronizing your business.

17. Corporate Gift Service: Another business idea to explore during this period is corporate gift services. Many companies would need gift suppliers to supply them with unique gift items to give their customers, shareholders, suppliers, and other business associates. With the right marketing tricks up your sleeves, you should be able to land a gift supply gig with a few of these companies.

18. Pet Sitting: Many pet parents would be travelling for the holidays around this period. Let them know that you’re available to care for their pets while they are gone.

19. Tour Guide: Consider offering tour guide services to tourists who would be visiting your city or the museums, parks, and other remarkable areas around your city.

20. Customized Greeting Cards: You can consider making wooden greeting cards, or other customized cards for sale during the Easter period.

21. Specialty Eggs Decorating: Another business idea that would definitely sell well around the Easter season is decorating and selling specialty eggs. Many people buy them for decorative purposes, or as gift items. And in case you are wondering how much you can possibly make from this, remember that some eggs sell for around $35,000.

22. T-Shirts: Easter-themed T-shirts also sell well around this period. You can targets retreat and Easter event organizers as they often use them as uniforms for their participants to wear during these events.

23. Gleaning: If you want a business that can make you very little money but help you put a smile on the faces of the needy, you can consider gleaning. A lot of party-makers, holiday makers, farmers and restaurants throw away a lot of food around the Easter season. You can make money from gathering these food items together, and selling them at low prices to the hungry and needy.

24. Easter Eggs Sales: Easter is not complete without eggs. Eggs are a popular staple around the Easter period and you can make a lot of money selling them. You can start your own poultry a few months before Easter so that by Easter they would be ready to start laying eggs that you can pick up and supply in wholesale quantity or directly in retail quantities to consumers.

25. Easter Candy/Chocolates: Next most popular item on the list after Easter eggs is Easter candy/chocolates. In fact, recent statistics have revealed that Americans spend more on candies during Easter than they do during Halloween. While the annual spending on Easter-related goods and events is put at around $14.6 Billion (2016 figures), Easter candies and chocolates account for at least $2.1 billion of these. Easter candies are definitely a hot sell.

26. Lemonade Stand: Set up a classy lemonade stand around areas with high foot traffic, or places where Easter events usually hold. Lemonades are not expensive to make and you can earn good profits from selling them.

27. Easter Decorations: Another lucrative business idea to consider is selling Easter decorations. Just like with Christmas, people love to decorate their homes around Easter and you can earn good profits not only from selling materials for decorations, but also from offering decorating services.

28. Specialty Butcher: You can also consider selling specialty meats to people who want to prepare special meals for Easter.

29. Baby Sitting: Parents who need to attend adult-themed events will definitely need baby-sitting services around this period. You can make some quick bucks from this during the Easter season.

30. Party Clown: You can offer your services to party planners to act as a clown during their parties. Clowns add a lot of spice to events especially events targeted at children so party planners love to hire them.

31. Poultry Farming: Poultry meat and eggs are another popular staple around the Easter season. You can consider setting up a poultry farm to rear birds and eggs that you can sell around the Easter season.

32. Travel Consulting: Many people love to travel around the Easter season. You can make money from selling travel tickets, or from selling tour packages to people who would love to travel for the holidays.

33. Air B ‘n’ B: Put your home up for a short-let during the season using the Air B ‘n’ B platform. The platform allows you to connect with people visiting your city that would prefer to lodge in a bed and breakfast-type home rather than staying in a hotel.

34. Event Ticket Sales: Another lucrative idea is to find out which events would be holding around that time, and then earn some commission for yourself from selling tickets to those events.

35. Easter Lamb Sales: Lambs are another hot item that sells well during the Easter season. You can start rearing your lambs a few months before Easter so that by Easter, they would be ready for sale.

36. Gift Delivery Services: Gift delivery is another service you can make quick bucks from during Easter. Many people would have a lot of gifts to give their friends, family and business associates; and you can make money from helping them deliver these gifts.

37. Uber/Taxi: There would be many tourists and holiday makers visiting around the season. You can make money from offering taxi services to get them to their destination easily.

38. Garage Sales: What better time to organize garage sales than when everyone is home for the holidays? You can take advantage of this period to sell all those unwanted or items you rarely use that are stealing up space around your home.

39. Mobile Photo Studio: Take your mobile photo studio to parks, parties, and retreats, and you will make a lot of money from people looking to record memories of the event.

40. Flea Market: If you can get space at a flea market, you can sell gifts, dolls, jewelries, baked goodies and memorabilia for the Easter season.

41. Easter Cookbooks: Many families would love to cook, or try new recipes around the season. You can make cool cash from putting your Easter cookbooks together for sale. To be able to reach a wider audience, you can consider selling them on platforms like Amazon, Kindle or CreateSpace.

42. Thrift Stores: Easter season is also a good time to sell thrift items. A lot of people shop during this period and who doesn’t love cheap items?

43. Dropshipping: You can also earn money from dropshipping around the Easter period. Search for items that people commonly buy around the Easter season like clothes and gift items, and then look dropshipping suppliers who can sell these items to you at cheap rates. Look for a platform to advertise your goods, and earn good profit from the difference between the cost and final selling price of your goods. The good thing about this business is that you don’t need stock or start-up capital.

44. Manicure/Pedicure: Another lucrative business that will make you money around the Easter season is offering manicure and pedicure services especially mobile services. Many people love to groom themselves and look beautiful during the season so you stand to earn a lot of money especially if your services are outstanding.

45. Hairdressing: Hairdressing is another beauty-related business that can earn you good profits around the Easter season.

46. Catering Services: You can also make money from catering for events for families during the Easter season.

47. Toys: Toys are another hot selling item during Easter. Find out which toys are trending during the season, buy them, and go from home to home selling your merchandise for profits.

48. Mobile Gaming Center: You can set up a truck with exotic computer games for children to keep them busy and happy during the Easter holidays.

49. Vending Machines: You can place vending machines in strategic places with a lot of human traffic, and use it to sell bake goods, Easter eggs, chocolates, and other items that sell really well around the Easter season.

50. Easter Ham: Traditional Easter hams are also hot selling items around Easter with an estimated 7% increase in Americans spending on ham during Easter. No doubt, this business would earn you some good cash.