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Do you want to make quick money on Halloween but you lack ideas? If YES, here are 17 best Halloween products and craft ideas you can sell for profit in 2023. Halloween is around the corner and millions of people all over the world are preparing to celebrate and have fun that day.

If you are an entrepreneur that plans ahead and plays his or her cards the right way, you can make huge revenue from any holiday. Halloween in particular is one holiday that opens huge profit opportunities for those who are smart enough to identify and quickly grab them.

Halloween is that time of the year when everybody loves to get a scare; it is annually celebrated on the 31st October well ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. Halloween is not just a time to get a scare and eat plenty candies, good entrepreneurs take advantage of this time to cash in good money.

Statistics show that over $5.8 billion was spent for the 2009 Halloween celebration in USA alone and over $300 million of the total amount was spent on candy. In fact, Halloween, overall, is a $6 billion per year industry in total sales of everything related to it.

This shows that there is an available market for your Halloween products; all you need is a scary creative idea to cash in massive money on the next Halloween holiday. For this article, I will mention top  make money during the next Halloween holidays.

Now there are many ways to make money during Halloween, which holds every October 31st. So in this article, we will be looking at ten of the most profitable Halloween moneymaking ideas + 10 crafts you can buy or produce that can generate amazing amounts of money for you.

Best Halloween Products and Craft ideas

1. Make or sell Halloween costumes

As one would expect, Halloween costumes are one of the best selling items during the season. Costume here refers to both clothing and outfits. Halloween is synonymous to scary costume wearing. If you have a thing for putting together scary and creative costumes, you can make a lot of cash from people during the next Halloween holiday by making or selling them.

Also, you can bulk costumes after the Halloween holidays and stock it for the next year’s Halloween to make big cash. There are various types of Halloween costumes; including the children’s, adults’, sexy, cartoony, and so on.

You can focus on only one of these types, and you can offer a variety. If you are not very talented in sewing or designing the costumes, you can buy Halloween costumes at the end of the season (when they sell for cheap) and sell them when the next season is approaching (when the price would have gone up again).

2. Halloween face painting

Even though most people try to get their Halloween costumes before Halloween comes around, not everyone gets a costume in time. So, many would still have to catch the Halloween fun without costumes. You can make money during Halloween offering face painting to those people.

So, set up a booth or mall near a haunted house or Halloween store and offer face painting to those who cannot get costumes.

You can charge few bucks per person for this, and you don’t have much expense to make; except for the cost of the paint. Even some people who already have their Halloween costumes would still want their faces painted. And that means even more money for you.

3. Run a haunted house

Setting up a high quality, scary haunted house is a very good way to make money during Halloween. During the season, people like to get scared and they will pay you for setting up a haunted house that really scares the shit out of them. On the average, a haunted house charges about $10 dollars per admission.

So, the more Halloweeners you admit into your haunted house, the more money you will make. And there’s no rule that says you can’t charge higher; provided you would give people exactly what they want. Get a good location around the week of Halloween, buy some costumes and scary things, get all the appropriate licenses, and you are ready to have fun and make money.

4. Plan Halloween parties

Planning a Halloween party is totally different from planning an ordinary party, and it could be more fun because there are so many fun things to do for a Halloween party.

If you have the required creativity and can do the necessary running around, you can make money during Halloween by planning Halloween fun parties for either kids or adults. You will be in charge of planning the menu, the scary entertainment, the venue for the evening, the spooky treats, and the scary music and sounds.

5. Make and sell Halloween treats

Don’t be intimidated by the big companies that already manufacture Halloween candies because you too can make money selling candies to your friends, colleagues or relatives. You can buy the popular candies in bulk well at a cheaper price ahead of the holiday and sell it for a higher prize during the Halloween holidays. You can also supply candies to party hosts for their Halloween parties.

Tricks and tricks are also bestsellers during Halloween; from party foods to Halloween oddities, and from candy to baked goodies. You can make money by making and selling candy or toy grab bags in small shops around you or over the internet. If you have a haunted house or can find one around you, you can your treats there, too.

6. Create and sell Halloween videos

Many people are now making money via YouTube and other video sharing websites. You too can upload scary videos online and make money via revenue sharing or page views. Your scary video can go viral, which means a lot of money for you. Aside scary videos, you can upload Halloween-related how-to videos.

For example, create a video that demonstrates how to apply Halloween vampire make-up or explains how to find last minute Halloween costumes. And if you are a writer, too, you can make a video and article, link them together, and make money from both.

7. Grow a pumpkin patch

Aside candies, pumpkin is the next best product that sell on the Halloween holidays. You can cultivate a small pumpkin farm in your garden in the beginning of the year, to be sold during the Halloween holidays; trust me when I say that you will sell all the pumpkins for massive profits during the Halloween holiday.

With a pumpkin patch, you can make loads of cash during the Halloween season and even in subsequent weeks if you plan.

To plant a pumpkin patch, you don’t need much land or much capital. The seeds are very cheap, and large jack-o’-lantern pumpkins don’t need a lot of maintenance. To get your pumpkins ready by the Halloween season, start planting in May or June. You can even plant pie pumpkins and butternut squash to sell during the run-up to Thanksgiving.

8. Decorations

Aside from Christmas, Halloween is the next top decorating holidays. Those who get really obsessed with Halloween deck their homes with various Halloween decorations. And you can take advantage of this reality in various ways. You can either make decorations and put them up for sale or buy them from wholesalers and resell them at a profit.

Either way, decorations sell well during Halloween. You can offer to decorate people’s homes and offices with Halloween themed decoration.

Am sure you will make massive money with this idea, especially if you send in your proposals well ahead of the time, and have enough helpings hands to work for you. Also, some of your clients will call back for your services the next year if you did a good job for them this halloween.

9. Host a theme party

If you love to entertain people, you can make an amazing amount of money by hosting a Halloween-themed party and charge $10 or more per head.

If you promise them value for their money, people will attend in large numbers. For the more mature crowd, consider hosting a theme party such as a murder mystery night complete with cocktails. To make it worth the price for attendees, have it professionally planned and catered.

10. Online affiliate sales

You don’t need to physically sell goods yourself to make good profit off of Halloween. If you have the required knowledge, you can sell Halloween-related products online as an affiliate and make a good commission from each sale.

Amazon offers scores to hundreds to Halloween-related products for sale that you can market and make money from. Aside Amazon, many other affiliate programs are available online. Register with one of them, market the products when Halloween comes around, and make good money.

11. Halloween Music For Parties

If you are a Disk Jockey (DJ) or music producer, you can produce music or song tracks and sale to parties hosts for the Halloween holiday. The music should have more of Halloween or scary lyrics to it. You can also offer the services of DJ for people hosting Halloween parties.

12. Presenting In-House Parties For Children

If your house is kind of spacious, you can take advantage of it and make money during Halloween by hosting Halloween themed parties for children. Halloween decorations, a lot of candies and drinks, and mostly finger foods is enough to get your children’s party on the way. Remember to get other adults to help you control the kids and keep them away from harm while the party is going on.

13. Halloween Makeup Artist

Everybody needs a Halloween makeup of their favourite characters or themes, and if you are good makeup artist, you can make good money making your friends up for their Halloween party. You can also buy facial stickers and Halloween themed facial masks and sell to people.

14. Help People Sell their Halloween Related Products Online

If you an internet savvy or you know how to set up an easy blog with WordPress, you can build a site to sell your Halloween products, if you don’t have a product to sell, you can help others sell their as an affiliate and make money. You can share the links with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or via Email to tell them about your products. you get paid for each person that orders for a product from your link.

15. Halloween Costume For Pets

This may sound surprising to you, a lot of people love their favorite pet enough to buy a Halloween costume for it. You can make money with by making Halloween costumes for dogs, cats and other popular pets. Now you have knowledge of different ideas to make money during the next Halloween period, let’s look at few ways you can get more clients to buy from you

How to Market Your Products and Services for Halloween:

a. Giving Out Free Samples

You can give out free samples for the first few people that orders for your products. This will attract other customers for you. This is a good advert method for a Halloween makeup artist services.

b. Proposals

If you are offering a Halloween decoration service, you can send in proposals to offices and companies to make their Halloween decoration for them.

c. Online Presence

You can also create a website to market your Halloween products to your friends; the site should serve as a place for them to place their orders and make payments.

So far, I have not only convinced you that there is a good market to make money during Halloween holiday with the statistics listed above; I also listed 10 great crafts you can produce or buy in bulk and make money during the next Halloween period, and the good thing is that, these businesses can be started with little capital to make good profit during the next Halloween holiday.

In conclusion, we hope that you have gotten good Halloween money-making ideas to act on. Halloween is one good opportunity for you to fatten your pocket every year. So, always grab it!

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