Do you want to start a business and cash in on the upcoming shopping frenzy? If YES, here are 50 ways to make money fast on Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Black Friday/Cyber Monday has become a tradition not just for Americans but all around the world as many countries have imbibed the culture. Basically, it is a time when people believe that they can get items dirt-cheap and many people spend the entire year preparing for these days.

Many shops sell out, and shoppers are more willing to bring out their credit cards than other days of the year. This is the perfect season for any smart business person to earn some quick income. We have come up with some smart ideas that would help you get some piece of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday cake.

How to Make Money Fast On Black Friday and Cyber Monday

1. Gift Card Sales

Gift cards worth billions of dollars go unredeemed every year. You can buy such cards at a discount on websites like Raise. Purchase the cards a few days before Black Friday or Cyber Monday, and then convert them into cash or use them to make cheap purchases that you can sell for a profit later.

2. Taxi Cab Services

If you work with taxi companies like Uber, you can make a lot of money around this period because there is usually heavy traffic on the roads to increase your surge pricing earnings. Independent taxi services will also earn you good money because people move around a lot during these periods.

3. Personal Shopper

A lot of people cannot cope with the long queues and stress that happens in shopping centers around this period. You can do the shopping for them, and then charge them a fee for your services.

4. Professional Line Sitter

You probably didn’t know this but you can earn good income per hour for standing in line for people who want to shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. There is usually a long queue that not many people can deal with, and line sitters can earn as much as $20 to $40 for their services.

5. Private Labeling

People are always quick to pull out their credit cards on Black Friday and Cyber Monday because they believe that anything they buy around this period would be a bargain. It is a perfect time to private label your own products, and sell them on platforms like Amazon, and Ebay.

6. Product Hoarding

This one is really easy although it requires a huge capital outlay. All you need to do is to look for product bargains around this period like cheap laptops, phones, Televisions, and other electronics, buy them at cheap rates, and then keep them at home to be sold in the middle of the year when prices return to normal again. You can earn a lot of profit from doing this.

7. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is another cool business that would earn you money around the period. Many people would rather shop online than stand in lie so you can look for wholesalers selling products at discounted rates, and find sellers who would buy them so that you can earn profits from the difference between cost and selling price.

8. Shipping and Delivery Services

Another service that would earn you money around Black Friday and Cyber Monday is shipping and delivery. A lot of people making online purchases would need to have them delivered to their homes or preferred location.

9. Mystery Shopper

Another idea is to work as a mystery shopper, and earn money from it.

10. Stock Photography

You can take photos of interesting scenes, especially the huge crowds in front of shopping centers on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, and then sell them to media houses like newspapers and magazine publishers, or television show producers. Hopefully, your camera would be able to capture something interesting that they would be interested in buying.

11. Garage Sales

You can offer your own Black Friday/Cyber Monday discounts right there in front of your home. Get out all the unwanted items in your home that people would be interested in buying, and make money from selling them in to neighbors and passers-by. People are usually in a buying mood around this period so you stand a better chance to make sales on Black Friday/Cyber Monday than on other days.

12. Coupon Organizing Services

Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals are sweeter when coupons are involved, however many shoppers find it challenging to organize their own coupons. You can offer this service in exchange for some cash. You can help them find discounts, deals, and coupons that they can use to buy items cheaply.

13. Gift Wrapping

Many people buy their Christmas gifts around this period so you can look for space around the shopping centers, or use your car to set up a makeshift gift wrapping service for interested shoppers.

14. Sell Snacks

The shoppers standing in line and waiting on the long queues are bound to get hungry at some point. You can earn some quick bucks from selling snacks to hungry shoppers.

15. Food Trucks

Some would rather have real food than snacks. You can cook some delicious packaged meals that you can sell using a food truck, or any other legally accepted means.

16. Babysitting

Another way to make quick money on Black Friday/Cyber Monday is to offer babysitting services to shopping parents. You can easily earn between $20 and $40 per hour from babysitting depending on the area you live in.

17. Open a Shopify Store

Shopify is one of the most popular E-Commerce platforms in the world. Many people visit Shopify to shop around this period so you can easily make a lot of sales from any product you choose to sell, and earn decent profits.

18. Sell on Etsy

Do you have any art and craft skills? Jewelry making, quilt making, painting, soap making or any other handmade products? You can sell them on Etsy on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, and take advantage of the heavy traffic that the Etsy platform gets around these periods to make cool cash for yourself.

19. Pet Sitting

Pet parents may also need comfortable temporary accommodation and care for their pets for the long periods while they would be out waiting in lines, and shopping on Black Friday/Cyber Monday. You can also make as much as $40/hour from pet sitting around this period.

20. Cashback Apps

Another idea is to use cashback apps like ibotta, and Ebates to earn cashback on groceries, toys, apparels, and electronics that you buy on Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

21. Affiliate Marketing

You can also make money from promoting others businesses’ Black Friday/Cyber Monday Offers. You can promote offers from web hosting platforms, Ecommerce stores, Click Bank, Jvzoo, and other businesses that employ affiliates.

22. Book Selling

You can earn some decent income around this time on book selling platforms like Amazon Kindle and Createspace. It is a holiday period and many people read books to keep themselves busy plus book lovers are always willing to buy books at discounted rates.

23. Sell on Amazon/Ebay

Another lucrative idea is to source for products and sell them on Amazon or Ebay. Amazon records millions of dollars in sales during this period from its thousands of store owners.

24. Social Media Consultant

Earn money from showing business owners how to make the best out of the social media, and use it to promote their Black Friday/Easter Monday sales offer so that they can make more profits.

25. Flea Market Sales

Flea markets also attract a lot of Black Friday/Cyber Monday shoppers so you can look for items that you can sell at flea markets like jewelries, fashion items, snacks, drinks, decorations, keepsakes or baked goodies.

26. Christmas Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner and many Black Friday/Cyber Monday shoppers are just looking for cheap gift items for the festive season so you can earn good money selling gift items.

27. Sell Toys

Toys are a hot sell around this period because many parents cease the opportunity to buy cheap toys for their children. You can earn a decent income selling cheap/trendy toys around this period.

28. Virtual Assistant

Busy professionals who need to shop around this period could use the help of virtual assistants to complete some important tasks while they are busy shopping so this is a really good time to work as a virtual assistant.

29. Entertain the Crowd

Can you dance, sing, or play any musical instruments? You can make money from entertaining the crowd with these musical instruments because the long wait could really get boring and the shoppers can use some entertainment when it gets boring.

30. Water/Drink Selling

Another smart business idea is to sell water or other drinks to the shoppers who are bound to get thirsty after waiting in the line for long hours.

31. Security Services

With the large crowd at the shopping centers on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, there is a tendency for the rate of pilfering in the stores to rise around this period. If you have any security gadgets or anti-pilfering solutions, this is a very perfect time to sell them because many store owners and managers would be highly interested in such gadgets around this period.

32. Sell Refurbished Electronics

This is a very perfect time to sell refurbished electronics like computers, televisions, and other electronic gadgets. You can pick up these items from the manufacturers or dealers, and then sell them around the busy stores on Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

33. Face Painting

Of course people are always open to some fun around the holidays and the kids would need some distraction, and fun so face painting usually sells around this time. You can set up in front of busy sores, in parking lots, children’s parks and any other place where there would be a lot of children or human traffic.

34. Host Contests

You can host contests around busy shopping malls and have people pay to join the contests. You can host singing, dancing, or any other fun competitions that can provide some fun for shoppers.

35. Sell Vacation Packages

Another item that a lot of people scramble to buy during Black Friday/Cyber Monday because the holidays are just around the corner are plane tickets and vacation deals. People who wish to travel for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays buy them a lot and you can earn some decent commission selling these offers to them.

36. Vending Machine

You can rent a vending machine, load it up with items like drinks, cookies, chocolates, baked goodies, and snacks, and place it in a strategic corner around the shopping malls, and stay close by so that you can refill whenever the machine becomes empty because vending machine sales are usually very high during the period.

37. Photography

If you have a camera and printer to capture and print photographs instantly, you can earn a lot of money from it by going round town to take photos of the holiday makers.

38. Sell Shopping Bags

You can be sure that there would be a good number of people who forgot to come with shopping bags, or didn’t come with enough shopping bags to carry all the cheap products that they decided to buy. You can make decent profits off these people by selling them some shopping bags.

39. Mobile Games

You can also go around the shopping malls with a mobile gaming truck where the shoppers can play some games to keep them distracted and busy. You can charge them per hour or per game played.

40. Sell Hair Accessories

If you can set up on side walk, in a car park or any other strategic place around the shopping malls, hair accessories are very great items to sell. They are cheap and many women can’t get enough of them so you won’t find it hard to sell, and make profits from selling them. Some lucrative hair accessories to sell include hair curlers, hair bun makers, hair straighteners, hair pins, and so on.

41. Market Weight Loss Products

Weight loss products are evergreen because people would always need them, and buy them. You can earn very decent income from marketing weight loss to people around this period. A lot of people come out around this period so you can easily find people to convince to buy your products.

42. Sell Phone Cases and Accessories

Phone cases and accessories are another hot selling item that you can make money from around Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

43. Sell Christmas Decorations

Many people start decorating their homes for Christmas around this period so it is only normal to have a lot of people looking to buy from you. You can even scale up your business by offering home decorating services for a fee.

44. Sell Cookbooks

Lastly, you can get some really nice cookbooks, and sell them for a decent fee to shoppers and passers-by. Many people would be looking for delicious recipes to try out during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, so you can take advantage of this to make some quick bucks for yourself.