Starting a seasonal business is a good way to make extra income when the season permits. A seasonal business is a business you can run a few months of the year and take the rest of the year off to relax or engage in other endeavors or opportunities.

You can equally combine numerous seasonal business opportunities to produce steady income throughout the year. Seasonal businesses are without a doubt a great option if you are trying to get your feet wet in entrepreneurship.

There are different types of seasonal business opportunities, and these business ideas usually center on an activity that peaks most during a specific season. If you’re looking for a business idea that doesn’t warrant a year-round commitment, below are great ideas for you to consider.

Summer Business ideas

This is one of the most popular seasons to start and run a seasonal business owing to the various opportunities available in the period. Gardens are in full bloom, children are usually not in school, families are on the road for summer vacations, and almost everybody wants a cool and refreshing drink.

1. Summer Camp

In recent years, summer camps have become more of a necessity, especially for parents who work when school is out for summer vacation.

Parents want safe activities to keep their kids busy, and starting a day summer camp will give you the platform to provide both educational and physical activities to keep kids learning and active. Aside from adequate space large enough for the kids, you will also need insurance, a support team, and licenses for this business.

  1. Glamping Business

If you enjoy connecting with customers and have a fondness for the outdoors, then you should consider this seasonal business. Have it in mind that glamping is just beginning to get popular in the US and this opportunity can be a solid investment. To run this business perfectly, you will need a background in hospitality and/or holiday accommodations.

You will also have to be eager to work weekends and holidays. Indeed startup costs can be very high, but so is the earning potential. Ongoing costs for these businesses are typically low, so profits can grow massively as you attract more clients.

  1. Inflatable Bounce House Business

This business is perfect for people who won’t mind working on weekends, and are physically fit to handle heavy inflatables, and enjoy working with children.

You don’t need much to start and run this business, just solid business sense and a good understanding of the insurance policy you need to purchase. The demand for inflatable bounce houses has grown exponentially over the past 10 years and the business is expected to maintain good growth potential moving forward.

  1. Food Trucks

Without doubts, a food truck is a great seasonal business idea to consider. By starting a food truck business, you get to take your wares to customers at the beach, park, or near great summertime activities like beer festivals and concerts. However, have it in mind that you will need to obtain vendor permits, licenses, and official government sign-offs. The permitting process can take some time, so consider this when making your business plans.

  1. Lemonade Stand

This is another seasonal business idea to consider especially during summer. Lemonade stands are great for festivals, local fairs, and shows, and to set up at piers and beaches. Owing to that, you should find good locations and upcoming events in your area to make sales.

This is a very competitive business to venture into, therefore, ensure to stand out from the vast crowd. Consider offering “spiked” lemonade for adult consumers, as long as they show proof of age. Don’t also forget to get a proper business license and permit before anything.

  1. Pedicab Business

This is a very lucrative seasonal business especially for individuals who love being active, enjoy working with the public, and are eager to support emissions-free methods of transportation.

Pedicab business owners and drivers are expected to have basic bicycle maintenance skills and be physically fit. The cost of starting this business is moderate and it has a good earning potential depending on location and market saturation.

  1. Italian Ice Stand

If you are looking for a seasonal business to start in the summer, here is one of the topmost to consider. Aside from the low start-up costs, it is a customer favorite during the summer.

To start this business, all you need is an ice shaving machine, ice, cups, and a variety of syrup flavors. You also need a suitable place to set up your shop and leverage social media to market your new business venture. Ensure to consider high-traffic locations, like pools, parks, and beaches.

  1. Miniature Golf Course

This is one of the best seasonal businesses to start in the United States. To succeed in this, it is imperative that you are outgoing, enjoy working with children, and are business savvy. Start-up costs for mini-golf courses can be quite high, but the ongoing expenses are minimal.

This simply entails a high earning potential depending on the location of your business. Note that this business can also offer multiple revenue streams since many mini-golf courses also feature arcade games and snack bars.

Spring Business ideas

Most often, spring is overlooked as an ideal time of year to start a seasonal business; however, so many entrepreneurs have found success setting up shop with a springtime business.

9. Lawn Care and Landscaping

Lawn care, landscaping, and gardening will still have a very high demand in 2023, and it is a perfect seasonal business idea for individuals who enjoy getting their hands dirty and also putting in a good day’s work.

Note that the industry barrier to entry is low, and depending on your state, you may not need additional certification or licensure. Also, note that you need to acquire specialized equipment, even though many homeowners have their own tools that you can use on-site, too.

10. Maid Service

A survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Roborock noted that 55 percent of Americans polled think spring cleaning is their most dreaded time of year. A good number of them would go to extreme lengths to avoid the cleaning chore. A seasonal maid service that offers spring cleaning can thrive if you have the necessary cleaning supplies and don’t mind the occasional dirty work.

11. Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day spending was expected to reach a record $28.1 billion this year, as it went up to $1.4 billion from 2020, according to the annual survey released by the National Retail Federation. This growth is expected to push into 2022 and also to keep extending limits.

Note that you can capitalize on America’s annual Mom-mania by starting a business that makes and delivers niche gifts to mothers on their special day. You can also have a drop-seller ship wholesale gifts directly to customers.

12. Walking Tour Guide

For individuals who stay in cities or towns with lots of tourist attractions and/or history, this is a lucrative seasonal business to consider. All you need to do is clean up on your knowledge of the city’s history to lead tour groups across town.

If you’re going to lead a walking tour group, it’s very necessary to be physically fit to handle the demand. This is more or less a business that relies heavily on you being physically fit. You should also enjoy talking to people and answering questions.

13. Professional Photography

This business surely requires certain skills, but it is still something that can be learned. Have it in mind that well taken and edited family photos are usually in high demand during the warmer months. Around this time, flowers are in full bloom and they make great backdrops for photos. Note that you can offer simple 1-hour or less family photo packages for $100 or more.

14. Florist

We all can agree that flowers are beautiful accents to any home and occasion. There’s always an occasion that will require flowers.

Therefore, if you’re good at arranging flowers, this is a great seasonal business idea to consider. Note that to become a florist, you’ll need to understand everything possible about flowers and plants well. You’ll also need to have the space to store flowers at the proper temperatures and to house your final arrangements.

15. Party Entertainment

Spring is the start of the party season. Holidays, barbeques, and nights under the stars watching fireworks are what this time of year is all about.

Those parties don’t organize themselves though. Note that some of these events will require some sort of entertainment or planning. You can be a DJ, MC, or even do something as creative as face painting or balloon art. As long as you know how to keep guests entertained, then this is a seasonal business idea to consider.

16. Tutor

During spring, students spend their days fantasizing about their summer breaks. Regrettably, spring is also a signal that exams and deadlines are on their way. With all that last-minute studying to do, students who are struggling or looking to move up a grade will be searching for tutors.

This business can be started small by spending a few nights a week helping your neighbor’s children get up to date with their algebra, or tutoring a group of college students on the references they have to learn for their finals.

Autumn Business ideas

Just like spring, a good number of people don’t think of autumn as a great season for seasonal businesses, however, there are indeed many types of business opportunities at this time of year.

17. Leaf Raking

Note that clearing debris from leaf-filled lawns of private residences or commercial buildings in the fall can be a lucrative seasonal business to start even in 2023. Without doubts, the low-cost business idea requires only a quality rake, leaf bags, gloves, and other protective clothing.

However, you will have to understand your local ordinances especially in terms of compost. You may need to stash the leaf litter in biodegradable bags and dispose of them in compost bins.

18. Back-to-School Shopping

Busy parents are more worried about back-to-school shopping than their kids are to go back to school. Owing to that, you can ease the worries of parents by starting a business that takes care of the annual autumn school supply run. Note that this type of service delivers the pens, pencils, and other essentials directly to customers.

19. Gutter Cleaning

For people who are not scared of heights, unclogging gutters can be a good business to start. Nonetheless, it is always advisable you consider obtaining liability insurance when starting this business to protect yourself in the event of an accident or property damage.

20. Parking Lot Cleaning

This is another low-cost seasonal business idea to start during autumn or fall, and it can also continue throughout the year. However, to achieve success in this business, advertise your services to local businesses and outdoor event organizers. You can also strive to secure ongoing contracts with these businesses so that you can ensure consistent income.

21. Moving Services for College and University Students

Moving businesses are always in high demand, but they tend to peak during the fall in college towns. You can build a solid seasonal business by being the muscle for students moving on and off-campus.

For individuals who can pack and move heavy furniture, starting a seasonal moving service is a great business idea. You will need a moving van or truck, hand trucks and other kinds of moving equipment, and smaller items like tape and moving blankets.

22. Petsitter

People still travel through the late summer and fall which means many people are still hunting for someone to care for their pets while they’re away.

Owing to that, it’s very much easy to start your pet sitting side hustle. However, you should consider liability insurance (in case something goes wrong with a client’s beloved pet) and a little bit of operating capital to acquire treats and other sundries while you’re on the job.

23. Holiday Shopper

Indeed, shopping during festive and holiday periods can be a very challenging and daunting task. Considering the long lines and queues in Walmart and Co, you can save some busy people the hassle and stress by taking on their holiday shopping for them. All that gift buying, food, and cloth shopping can be done by you while the person handles other issues.

24. Chimney Sweeping

Have it in mind that demand heightens among homeowners in wintertime for chimney sweep professionals who can inspect and clean their fireplaces, chimneys, flue pipes, and ducts to ensure they remain in good and safe working condition.

This is one of the best seasonal businesses to start and you can easily obtain chimney sweep training or a formal certification from the Chimney Safety Institute of America to boost your expertise.

Christmas Business ideas

Without doubts, Christmas is another season with a vast range of opportunities for creative entrepreneurs.

25. Christmas Tree Rental

At Christmas, we all want to have a tree with all those lights on it and the gifts wrapped under it. Therefore, starting a Christmas tree rental service can be a wonderful way to cash into the season to make some income. You can inculcate decorating the tree as an extra service if people want to pay for it.

26. Storage Facility

Self-storage includes renting out storage space, most often for a short period. These businesses rent space to people or businesses for the safekeeping of their supplies.

Buying or building a self-storage unit in a suitable location and renting it out can be lucrative in winter when homeowners seek out extra storage to lock away their excess possessions. The United States self-storage market is expected to experience a CAGR of 8% over the forecast period 2020 – 2025.

27. Snow Removal

Without being told, snow-covered driveways remain one of the biggest wintertime issues for homeowners. Owing to that, the high demand for professionals willing to take this task off of homeowners’ hands in the winter can motivate anyone to start this business.

28. Fireworks retailer

First, you have to ensure that it is legal to sell fireworks in your state, but starting this seasonal business is a good way to leverage this hot commodity during warm-weather months. Consider registering as a legal entity in your state, find a suitable location, open up a business bank account and be sure you can cover your inventory and operating costs.

29. Home Winter Weatherproofing

This is another idea that will definitely be best suited for handymen and contractors. Have it in mind that during wintertime, people are always searching for better ways to weatherize their homes and keep the heat in and the cold out without having to do much work.

30. Gift Wrapping

A good number of people enjoy giving gifts, especially since the winter season is traditionally for gift-giving, but they do not have the necessary gift wrapping skills.

Owing to that, you can start a gift wrapping business, and first start with friends and family members for free before charging them later. People you have wrapped gifts for can help spread the word to their friends and family. You could also offer your services in stores where these gifts are sold.

31. Greeting Cards

Have it in mind that this is a big business because greeting cards are used for various occasions, especially during Christmas and New Year Celebrations. People usually buy greeting cards to attach to gifts, so this business generates a lot of money.

Also, note that you can make a lot of money in this business if you have an artistic flair for the written word and are good with basic designs. You can sell some of your greeting cards during the Christmas season, as well as during other seasons.

32. Christmas Musical Show

During this period, people are often eager to attend musical shows. If you have expertise in this field, then this seasonal business idea is just for you. You can do a solo act, or pair up with a band to perform shows. However, you have to extensively promote your shows so that more people can attend. Consider approaching clubs and other places to tell them about your services.

Easter Business ideas

Starting your own business can be fascinating, and Easter offers numerous opportunities for creative money-making pursuits that you can do even from the comfort of your home.

33. Homemade Crafts and Gift Baskets

Easter celebrations offer you the opportunity to sell your creations online as Easter gifts. You can also decide to specialize in more festive options like selling homemade stockings, wrapping paper, or wreaths. You can also consider assembling gift baskets centered on different themes such as homemade items, locally sourced goods, or holiday treats.

34. Virtual Party Planner

You can also help families and businesses coordinate fun virtual get-togethers during Easter. As a virtual party planner, your duty will involve suggesting different ways to make holiday video calls special. You can also suggest games for remote families to play, or you could book a virtual entertainer.

Note that every participant could receive a basket of goodies that they all open at the same time on the call. Your business would be to help people organize and find different ways to promote a sense of togetherness during the Easter holidays while staying apart.

35. Corporate Gift Service

This is another unique business idea to explore during this period. A good number of companies would need gift suppliers to supply them with unique gift items to give their customers, shareholders, and other business associates. Note that with detailed marketing tricks up your sleeves, you should be able to land a gift supply gig with some good companies.

36. Easter Candy Business

Easter is the second most important candy-eating occasion of the year for Americans. According to reports, Americans consume about 16 billion jellybeans at Easter, and buy over 700 million Marshmallow Peeps, shaped like chicks, as well as Marshmallow Bunnies and Marshmallow Eggs, making them the most popular non-chocolate Easter candy. Therefore, the Easter candy business remains one of the best seasonal businesses to start during the Easter period.

37. Ice Cream Truck Business

This is another business idea especially for folks who enjoy working with children, don’t mind a lot of alone time, and have a fondness for frozen treats. It is also a very flexible business that can be run part-time, aligning with your yearly schedule.

You will need experience driving a truck and familiarity with the area you service. Also note that your initial capital can be quite exorbitant depending on the model of truck you acquire, though your earning potential can also be around $5,000 per month.

Valentine’s Day Business Ideas

A good number of people see Valentine’s Day as the most romantic day of the year, and some consider it a commercial holiday that has little to do with love and romance. Nevertheless, this is a day that many people celebrate with their loved ones in different ways, and it also presents numerous business opportunities.

38. Babysitting for Couples and Singles

Note that during this love celebration, a good number of parents try to rekindle their love, but will always need the children to be taken care of while they are out – and therein lies the profit opportunity. Valentine’s Day is a great time to make money if you love children and want to start a specialized childcare service that caters to parents.

39. Sell Scented Candles

Scented candles are used to help people relax and refresh after a long day’s work and they make a great Valentine’s Day gift. Valentine’s Day is all about romance and presentation is paramount to make the day perfect for lovers celebrating their love.

Owing to that, it is imperative you choose a packaging design that impresses your product’s final presentation. Note that the color, shape, material, function, and size of your candle container will influence how consumers perceive your product.

40. Delivery Agent

Valentine’s Day always seems to be a charming cupid-struck time of love and celebration. It is common knowledge that holidays boost both online and departmental sales, and this presents an opportunity for you to help both businesses and individuals deliver their orders and gifts.

41. Sell Baked Goods

Note that no valentine is ever complete without giving out baked goods such as cookies, cakes, ice creams, chocolates, etc. Therefore, if you possess baking skills, you can make good money this season by creating special baked goods that you can offer as a package to individuals or corporate bodies.

42. Sex Supplies Delivery

Without a doubt, it is very difficult to differentiate between sex and Valentine’s Day in recent times. When looking for a good seasonal business to do, you can take advantage of the thousands of couples that are sure to have sex during this period and sell or deliver sex supplies. You can also choose to offer secret delivery, but you will first have to stock up on supplies and market your business very well.

Halloween Business ideas

Indeed, Halloween is one of the best holidays that offer numerous opportunities for those looking for a side hustle. There are excellent Halloween seasonal business ideas that can generate surprising amounts of money for you.

43. Halloween Face Painting Business

This is a very good seasonal business to consider during Halloween. Some Halloween lovers enjoy taking their costumes to the next level with extravagant makeup and creative face paint.

If you like art and can do a good job in this area; you can make extra money doing Halloween makeup for parties and events. However, although you might not make much from Halloween face painting, have it in mind you will make enough to cover your expenditure and have enough to spare.

44. Grow and Sell Pumpkins

Have it in mind that the pumpkin patch can generate a good amount of cash during the Halloween season and in the subsequent weeks if you plan ahead. Note that planting a pumpkin patch doesn’t need that much land or even much start-up capital; the seeds are affordable and large jack-o’-lantern pumpkins don’t need a lot of maintenance.

You can start planting in May or June to be ready for the Halloween season. While you’re at it, plant pie pumpkins and butternut squash to sell during the run-up to Thanksgiving.

45. Carve Pumpkins for People

Note that you can be quite creative and figure out the next generation of pumpkin faces. When you are done, capture them with your camera, present these images to the neighborhood and convince them to purchase one from you.

Have it in mind that a more daring and attractive design may just convince people that a change has been so overdue that they don’t mind spending a few dollars just to claim one of these as their own. Also, consider uploading these images up on the internet and offer your service there.

46. Costume Creation & Sales

For a good number of people, dressing up in breathtaking costumes remains one of their most anticipated selling points of Halloween. If you’re an expert with a sewing machine and have a creative mind, you can generate a good income crafting custom outfits for partygoers.

Additionally, it’s still possible to profit from Halloween costumes by buying inexpensive, mass-produced outfits online and selling those to local consumers.

47. Sell Halloween Crafts and Treats

This is another seasonal business for creative minds. Note that if you are creative or love baking, then this is a business idea to consider. You can make some custom Halloween crafts, gift baskets, or decorations that others can buy for their parties and events.

You can design t-shirts, backdrops, photo booth props, table centerpieces, etc. Additionally, you can bake some Halloween-themed treats to sell to last-minute party hosts and partygoers. Market your creations with your Facebook or Instagram page.

48. Create a Haunted House

Putting together a few fake spider webs and some styrofoam graves can transform any building into a creepy haunted house suitable for all ages. Note that the key to a successful haunted house is a gimmick that others may not have thought of yet.

You can leverage the local lore and unique features to make your house stand out. However, always remember to advertise heavily beforehand to ensure a good turnout.

Black Friday Business ideas

This is indeed a happy time of the year for everyone. It is normal for people to want to buy their favorite gadgets, clothes, and other needs at much-discounted rates. While people are looking for the best Black Friday deals, it is also possible to start a business during this period.

 49. Affiliate Marketing

Without a doubt, this is one of the most popular ways to make money on Black Friday. If you can market well, you can generate substantial money from affiliate marketing during the Black Friday promotional period. Affiliate marketing is all about referring people to products online with a link, if they buy through it, you get a commission from it.

The people are happy that you helped them find the best deal and you are happy you got a commission for it. Everyone is happy!

50. Buy and Resell

This is another way to generate some cash from Black Friday. You can simply make enormous profits from buying and reselling goods that are in demand. Note that this concept works and you can make a good passive income as long as you have the budget to purchase and resell. All you need is a list of items that are very much in demand in your city.

Take your time to find out the price each item goes for on a regular day, then search for stores that offer any good discount on any of the items. Buy the items, wait for the end of Black Friday where everything is back to regular price and resell the items.

Whether you prefer business ideas that will flourish during the warm or cold times of 2022, these seasonal business ideas mentioned above offer you the opportunity to run a profitable business when it is most suitable for you.